Watch this amazing pregnancy in video that detailed first steps when baby takes shape. After fertilization & implantation, a baby is at first only an embryo: 2 covers of cells from which all his tissues and body parts later on will grow. Developing fast, your baby is shortly constantly moving and about the dimensions of a kidney bean. The heart is pounding rapidly and the intestines are establishing. Your growing child’s eyelids, earlobes, nose, and mouth are also taking form.

Pregnancy in video 

Let’s look at one of the most mysterious phenomena the creation of a living machine, the beating heart. What are these tiny molecules of cells that will eventually become the heart.
They are coming to life 1 by 1 and start beating in unison. This basic beats is the beat of life, precise operation of the blood pump. The embryo is only 20 days old and and 2 mm long.
It is a period of enormous change to the embryo shape, it’s slowly assume human form. The head and the facial features appeared. 2 dark bumps grow in the middle of the head and in days will become little eyes. Slowly other organs are formed, the muscles and tendons. The embryo is 34 days old and 5mm long it’s development is rapid and it’s grows 1mm a day. As arms and legs starts to form the hip bone will eventually replace the tail.
The mouth and the nose take shape in the neck shorten. Meanwhile the brain continues to develop and is preparing for the roll of constant master for the body. The embryo is now forthy four days old and 17mm long. The eyes are protected by a thin delicate membrane. The back hardness and the head straitness. At this stage the heart and most organs settle into their fixed places and begins to function. The embryo is 60 days old and wight almost 11 grams. At the end of the 8th week all the organs are present. But they still have 7 more months to continue to develop.
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