* The coolest twin pregnancy announcement ever

When a woman finds out that she is pregnant with twins, it becomes difficult to think of something else. Often the woman is anxious to announce already the exciting news to everyone, specially her partner. There has been a great deal of disagreement on the best time of announcing twins pregnancy. While picking when and how to make the twin pregnancy announcement it is essential to know the advantages and disadvantages of proper timing. Moreover one can choose creative ways to reveal the twins secret.

Announcing twins pregnancy early

If the future twins mother shares the news early, the main plus is that there is a lot of assistance from near and dear ones. The twins mother or father can share their joy with others. When making decisions a lot of people reaches foreword to help the pregnant mother. Much time is available for sharing good tips and choosing the best medical professional. There is stupendous aid in case of miscarriage. The major disadvantage of bringing the good news early is that there can be overwhelming advice. A lot of explication needs to be made in chance of miscarriage. The news of miscarriage may reach friends and other family members before even reaching the mother.

Twin pregnancy announcement decisions

It is the decision of the future twins mother to whom else to announce the big news apart from spouse, parents and siblings. One should be careful of whom one tells. Telling ones partner is the first brings a sense of belonging and a bond with the twins. After the spouse the other people who should know are the parents. They can help in future baby twins planning, offer advice and rejoice like no other person.
Choosing the way one shares the news matters a lot. It is fun to share the good news in a more creative and memorable way. Arranging for a romantic dinner is the best way to surprise and make the news memorable. Even in case of the delicacies baby food can be served. Another way is to go out for a movie and watch a baby movie like Nine month and Junior. The good news can be written in a piece of paper and inserted in the DVD. A t-shirt with Daddy written can be provided apart from a baby keychain, baby book and other baby items.

Telling family and friends

The good news can be sent in a card with a name chosen and a sonogram. This depends on how close the friends are. Another way of showing is a photograph of the woman and the husband without showing the belly.
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