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Control Freak Parents

More Inspiration for Control Freak Parents

“You cannot catch a child’s spirit by running after it. You must stand still, and for love it will soon itself return.” Arthur Miller Talking about control freak parents, this became evident to me several summers ago, when I spent 6 weeks suffering with a severe case of hives all over my body. When the… continue reading

Twins Baby Shower Invitation

A Great Twins Baby Shower Invitation

If you are like many people you can easily get stuck when it comes to the twins baby shower invitation. Tracking down the best location, making the lists of people to attend and purchasing a cake can appear to be simple contrasted with picking the right greeting. The babies shower invitation will be the first… continue reading

Get Pregnant On Fertile Days

Get Pregnant On Fertile Days With a Baby… or Two

The best tips to get pregnant on fertile days and understand your reproductive cycle. Understanding conception positions and paying attention to your overall health. Getting pregnant and pregnancy is a wonderful event that is complex, satisfying and exciting. Here are seven best tips on getting pregnant:  Get pregnant on fertile days It’s important to get… continue reading

The Mysterious World Of Genetics And Fertilization

Let’s take a minute to enter the mysterious world of genetics and fertilization. The conception starts at fertilization. The parent’s genetic codes bond and the fertilized egg carry the baby’s genetic code. The genes are arranged in chains similar to a string of pearls, it’s also called the DNA. Each time a cell splits in… continue reading

Long and Lean Twins Baby Clothes

Long and Lean Twins Baby Clothes

Confused by the phrase “Long and Lean” following twins baby clothes? Well, this article works both ways to reduce the confusion of those online twins baby cloth hunters. And surprisingly, most of the optimized searches will disappoint you if you are either searching clothes meant for your long and lean babies, or clothes to make… continue reading

Eating Right For Twins Pregnancy

Eating Right For Twins Pregnancy

You already know that you should eat right for twins pregnancy, and that during your twin pregnancy it is important to eat a well-balanced diet. But did you know that it is even more important when you are pregnant with twins?! Keep in mind now you are eating for three. Whatever you eat, the twin… continue reading

Twin Newborn

Looking After Twin Newborn

Caring for your twin newborn is certainly one of the most important things you need to consider once you became a new twins parent. There are many things you need to take into account in order to make sure that your newborn twins get all the attention. Make sure that you feed your twin newborn… continue reading

Pregnancy In Video

Amazing Pregnancy In Video – When Baby Takes Shape

  Watch this amazing pregnancy in video that detailed first steps when baby takes shape. After fertilization & implantation, a baby is at first only an embryo: 2 covers of cells from which all his tissues and body parts later on will grow. Developing fast, your baby is shortly constantly moving and about the dimensions… continue reading

Homework Causes Stress

Homework Causes Stress, 3 Key Challenges How To Make Homework Less Stressful

Twins parents have asked us again and again “How to make homework less stressful ?” Also, why homework takes their twins 2, 3 and even 4 times longer than their peers. Also, what they can do to prevent homework causes stress. This article defines the 3 key issues and what parents of twins can do… continue reading

Twins In Pregnancy Week By Week For Twins Pregnancy

Twins In Pregnancy Week By Week For Twins Pregnancy

. Here you can read about twins in pregnancy week by week for twins pregnancy. For more information about twin pregnancy, baby twins or good advice about twins parents click the links up in the menu. . 1st week twins pregnancy The most delightful thing that woman can experience is to be pregnant with twins…. continue reading