Breastfeeding TwinsBreastfeeding Twin Marvels: The Solo Symphony! 🍼👶👶

Surviving the twin feeding frenzy solo is an art and science combo! 🎨🔬 The twins, 8 weeks and counting, are proving to be little maestros in the world of simultaneous feeds. 🎭

Calling out to my fellow twin parents—how do you master the solo breastfeed-and-burp ballet? 🤔 Share your secrets and sanity-saving tips! 💬
Twin parents, let’s create a twin wisdom treasure trove! 🌈👶 Share your hacks, experiences, and golden nuggets on managing simultaneous feeds and burps here with @diana_1521 . Your wisdom could be a lifesaver for a fellow twin mom in need! 🚀💖

Twin Mom Answer about breastfeeding twins:

@diana_1521 : Thank you all 💖 I will try to get creative with these ideas 💡

@imierozy : It’s all possible! I am breastfeeding my twins and always trying to burp them when one already fall asleep. There is no one great solution, the best is if you keep on trying and find your own way! we are doing great already after one month😍

@_____mariacarolina : I had an old boppy from my first. I would use it to put one twin if needed. I also used a mybrestfriend nursing pillow. That helped support my arms when I had to burp both after feeding together. But tbh, I think us twin moms just figure out what works with the resources we have at the time. Definitely had to get creative sometimes 😂 (safely creative).

@page_mama : Honestly I just would burp whichever twin finished first, lay them next to me (in a safe place) and then burp the 2nd baby. There were many times of spit ups while burping one or the other 😅 but such is life as far as if they are still feeding, having a breastfeeding pillow helped support them for me while burping the other baby.

@javarrahs : Yep, this was a toughie for me. I tried to space out their feedings by 30 minutes to an hour. The older they get, the easier that way you can use boppies and other things.

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