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Hey there, incredible moms of twins! 🌟 We have a fellow mom here who’s pondering the idea of expanding her family after having twins. 👶👶

She’s curious to hear your experiences. If you tried for another baby after having twins, did you have another set of multiples or a singleton? Or perhaps, did you experience the delightful surprise of twins once again? 🤯💕

Share your stories and insights in the comments below! 🗣️❤️ Help her navigate this exciting journey with your valuable experiences and wisdom.

Every twin mom’s story is unique, and your words might provide her with the guidance and reassurance she’s seeking. Let’s support each other through this adventure! 🤗👩‍👩‍👧‍👦

Twin Mom Answer:

@happi_nappies : I’m not having any more but I believe that if you have spontaneous fraternal twins your chance of having another set shoots up to 1 in 12 (or something like that!) So yeah, a pretty high chance I’d say! There are lots of mums in my twin group with 2 sets!

@sweatymamaeastgrinstead : My consultant told me about someone else she was seeing. Had two sets of twins already and was about to have…..TRIPLETS!!

@lifewithtwinstwice : I did everything I could not to have twins again and.. well, you get the idea

@noahsarkfamily : I had 2 singletons, then a set of non-identical twins and then a surprise second set of another set of non identical twins 20 months later. All 6 born in 6 years. 🥴

@nash_rush : I had 2 singletons then spontaneous set of twin girls then another set of twin girls 2 years later!

@eye_beauty4u : Fraternal twins and due soon with second set of fraternal twins

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