Constipated Twins

🆘 Urgent help needed! 5.5-month-old constipated twins 😩😩

Twin parents, we need your support and advice! Please share any tips or recommendations you have for relieving infant constipation. Your wisdom and experience would mean the world to this twin mom and the little one 🙏👶💩 Let’s come together!

👇 Share your advice, tips, and recommendations in the comments! Let’s support each other through this journey of twin parenthood! 👇👶💬

Twin Mom Answer About Constipated Twins

@page_mama : Prune juice, warm bath, extra apple puree, belly massages. Good luck

@tashacotton : I think some fruit purées would help! Pear, blueberries, apple, prunes 🙏🏽🍐

@grandmillennial_mama : Prune purée, massaging their bellies in a clockwise motion with castor oil, 2 oz of apple juice, diluted Epsom salt bath, chiropractor adjustment can help if it’s chronic, helping them moving their legs (gently doing bicycle motion) I hope they feel better ❤️

@carolinenowlan1 : Bath and some gentle tummy massage? Probiotics

@redpenanalyst : We used little remedies gas relief drops to calm our twins. Then prescribed probiotics.

Have you cut out all dairy?

@musicwithmiriam : Have you cut out all dairy?

@anigram_rain : Is the baby completely breastfed? Try increasing your water intake, if yes. if the baby is formula fed, ensure the proportion of water to powder is consistent as per the formula recommendation. If the baby has started solids, ensure he/she is taking water equal to the half of the solid intake. Giving banana and apple juice definitely helps. If breast feeding, increase intake of green leafy vegetables and include spinach if the baby has started solids.

@deew8921 : Drink some water and a nice bath

@ruj_buj : I found mushed dates worked well

@shabz4u : Thank you all mommies I will try what suits her and shall update you all. Love this forum it’s such a great relief to speak to you all and know I’m not alone ❤

Karol syrup will fix that right on up

@fire_sine : Karol syrup will fix that right on up

@shabz4u: I have given her pear and apple purees didn’t help 😢

@rosie_in_toot : It’s so horrible to watch. If you’re open to medication then coloxyl worked very well for one of our twins recently. Good luck!

@jeisianealmeid : Diminui a quantidade de fórmula infantil, se seus gêmeos tomarem. E ofereça mais água.

@page_mama : Oh I almost forgot, if they start to push or grunt you can try the old thermometer in the butt trick. Supposed to make them have the reflex to push it out, and the poop comes too (hopefully)

2 oz of prune juice a day

@blakeandmatthew : 2 oz of prune juice a day from the bottle

@shabz4u: : I gave prunes purree and she did semi solid poop. How many times should I give prunes purree in a day to have her do smooth paste and what quantity.

@soph_k.91 : I tried everything when one of my twins was constipated but nothing worked. We ended up talking to the doctors who prescribed something to put in milk which made her more comfortable. xx

@tuliprose46 : Probiotics for the intestines -Used for a long time to facilitate digestion for children

@anri.vdwath : Glycerine suppository for infants from the bottom, and prune purée from the top. If long term, stool softeners.


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