You already know that you should eat right for twins pregnancy, and that during your twin pregnancy it is important to eat a well-balanced diet. But did you know that it is even more important when you are pregnant with twins?! Keep in mind now you are eating for three. Whatever you eat, the twin babies eat as well. In fact the twin babies actually takes your nourishments so you must eat enough for three of you. The healthier you eat the better it is for the twins pregnancy… and you.

Eat right for twins pregnancy, lets start with the essentials

Never miss a meal while you are pregnant with twins, especially breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and your twins baby has probably been waiting since he/she woke up in the middle of the night. You may find out that if you wait too long before eating you start to feel sick, this is your body telling you to eat. Do it!

Make sure you get enough food you need daily. It takes 4-6 servings of dairy a day for a healthy twin pregnancy, this can include some cheeses, milk, yogurt. This provides the twins with calcium which they’ll need to develop healthy growing bones. Adding more calcium to your pregnancy diet wouldn’t hurt you either, especially your bones and teeth.

Don’t forget about your vegetable and fruit servings. A lot of green is always a good decision, so are sweet potatoes. Not only will you be giving your twins and body what they need but you have have more energy. Try letting go of the sweets for a week and replace them with better products and watch how alive you feel.

Our twin mom blog best advice

When we talked to our favorite blogger Nicole Prom, mom of three little boys, including identical twins. Who runs THE successful twins blog “The Way It Really is“. We received the most useful advices for a woman pregnant with twins:

“My biggest advice for eating well when pregnant with twins is to ensure you’re consuming an adequate amount of protein and increase overall caloric intake. Increasing protein can be through eggs, nuts, meat, protein powder shakes, or my favorite, Larabars! Throughout my twin pregnancy and while exclusively pumping for them, I was always eating Larabars and drinking what seemed to be crazy amounts of water! That’d be my second suggestion.
Be sure you’re consuming a lot of water. I never realised how little water I used to drink throughout the day until I was pregnant with twins. With my singleton pregnancy it wasn’t an issue, but with twins if I didn’t have something like 8 ounces an hour, I’d end up getting hot flashes, which was really weird in my early 30s. This continued while pumping as well, so I always had water and a Larabar no matter where I was going or what I was doing. I believe this helped keep my twins healthy while I was pregnant with them and helped keep my milk supply adequate for twins.
In terms of what not to eat, just the basics they tell all pregnant people not to eat. No sushi, uncooked meat, deli meat, no raw or undercooked eggs, basics like that.”

Foods to Avoid when pregnant with twins

Not all nutritions are safe during your twin pregnancy, there are a few things you should avoid eating:

❥ unpasteurized products – brie

❥ Certain fish- exotic, shark, swordfish, anything high in mercury

❥ Raw eggs

❥ Undercooked meats- lunch meats. Buying a deli sandwich, don’t forget to ask them to heat the meat up a little.

❥ Caffeine- chocolate and soda drinks. If you find this difficult you can wean yourself off, but the less caffeine in your system the better it is for the twins.

If you are ever unsure of the foods you can eat you better ask your doctor for a list of items to avoid during twins pregnancy. They’ll be more than happy to share this with you.

You may also learn that your stomach won’t handle certain foods that it would before. Some of those foods may include foods that contain grease, fast foods, meat, and certain foods that have a strong odor.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to cut out all the fun in your life, you can still treat yourself from time to time. Go out and get a smoothie or a frozen yogurt.

While you are making sure you get enough to eat throughout the day, that doesn’t mean neglect your fluid intake. You’ll need lots of water and juices from here on out. The twin babies will thank you later. Who knows, you may discover that you really enjoy eating healthier and continue it even after the twins pregnancy.

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