Fussy Twins and Sleepless Nights

👶 Fussy Twins and Sleepless Nights: Seeking Your Wisdom! 🤔💤

Dear twin parents, we have a fellow mom reaching out for support. Her twins are showing signs of acid reflux, and she’s navigating the challenges of introducing Nutramagine. 😢💔 If you’ve been through similar struggles, share your experiences, tips, and words of encouragement. Let’s build a community of support for each other during those tough twin parenting moments! 🤝💕🤗💬

Twin Mom Answer About Fussy Twins and Sleepless Nights:

@sineadj32 : Nutramigen is for cmpa & the effects of the milk in the system can take a couple of weeks to leave (4x cmpa babies), my 2nd daughter & twin boys struggled with reflux, we were told not to let them lie flat, the feeding pillow was a godsend for all of them & a folded up muslin wedged under in cot/pushchair. It definitely gets easier & better! And if it doesn’t then you can request an amino formula rather than hydrolysed formula (neocate was used by our hospital). You can also ask for baby gaviscon to help with the reflux. You’re doing great!

@jess.stoff : All good advice I’ve seen here! My pediatrician ended up putting my son on Pepcid because his was so bad. He outgrew it at almost a year but the daily dose of Pepcid helped tremendously. I would also say the Friga windi was a huge help paired with the Frida tummy rub for gas/colic!

@soonatural : Mine cried 8 hours a day. My doc told me – naps, any way, any how, any amount of time until the crying improves. We did that for a while until her reflux and gas issues improved and then got on a nap schedule. She is still so happy if she sleeps enough.

One of my twins had this… after 5 months, she was relieved from colic

@sreemoyeebiswas13 : One of my twins had this… carrying her and moving helped… but it will go gradually… nearly after she turned 5 months, she was relieved from colic pain

@little_starsparties : Hey lovely! Do they use dummies? Apparently this can help sooth their tummies/reflux issues and keep it at bay whilst they try to nap/sleep. Xx

@miruli18 : We burp them after every once they eat, I know it can be a lot but it will give them some good sleep. We also have the Dr. Brown bottles, it supposed to help reduce gas. Their pediatrician also recommended to put a towel under their cribs to make it a little incline. It can also be that they are going through a leap phase where they are learning a new skill so the are just fuzzy. I have an app called wonderweeks and it gives me an idea where they are in their leap phase and what to do. You are doing great mommy, it’s just trial and erros

Leave sitting upright for 30 minutes after eating

@audmcleary : Search for a group called, “Infant Acid Reflux Solutions” on Facebook and request to be a member. There are a lot of people in the same boat as you who share what has worked for them! Our twins had reflux, and I found this group to be helpful. Nutramigen worked for us, but it did take a little while. Our babies still spit up (a lot less now) but they didn’t writhe in pain or turn red with discomfort anymore when we switched to nutramigen.

@page_mama : Leave sitting upright or at least angled upright for 30 minutes after eating if possible before lying them down. Getting good burps out. Try rubbing their belly in circular motions and leg bicycles in case it is a gas situation as well. Take breaks when you can

@mistybluezbabbee : Hi! I was wondering is it’s gotten better? I wanted to suggest Seamoss! it is definitely the best thing for my family! It’s very safe for babies too. Here’s a website you can look up ‘mamabearparenting.com but there’s a lot of info that can help you decide if this is right for your baby and your whole entire family! ❤️🙏🏼

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