Gestational Diabetes with Twins

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Twin Mom Answer Gestational Diabetes with Twins:

@because.its.twins : I had it with my twins! It was towards the end of my pregnancy so I was already struggling with eating a lot of big meals because I would just get so full. It helped to eat a lot of small, healthy snacks throughout the day. Ask your doctor if there’s a diabetes dietician or specialist you can meet with – that was very helpful for me! I ended up just needing to monitor my levels closely and never needed insulin. Full disclosure: I delivered at 34 weeks, so I’m not sure how it would have continued to progress if I had gone longer.

@jessebeardmore : You are not alone! Be kind to yourself, it happens a lot in twin pregnancies ❤️ I followed the GD strict diet and needed metformin xxxx

@ashley.makepeace : I had this and was able to control through diet. It’s basically just keeping a good healthy diet. It is easier than you think as I felt brilliant whilst being pregnant and eating healthy. I had an arm Bluetooth monitor which I found very helpful to scan and check my levels. I carried to full term 37 weeks. Just don’t over think it and you will do brilliant ❤️ x

@emilybearrow : I had it for both of twin pregnancies. My first one – it was hormonal and managed by insulin. My second one – I took the test late and ended up only spending 1 week of the pregnancy aware I had it before delivering. I found it a LOT easier to manage than I initially thought. All four of my kids came out super healthy and not at all impacted by diabetes

Twin Pregnancy Gestational Diabetes – Diet makes a big difference

@karagosiak : Diet makes a big difference. My doctor also recommended light physical activity. I went in walks every day and that made a big impact.

@page_mama : Did not have GD, but WAS on a supplement ‘diet’ to ensure the twins got the nutrition they needed. Double prenatal, iron, folic acid, calcium/mag/zinc tablets 2x a day. Do your best to avoid the carbs but still EAT! Wishing you luck

@florenciadzodan : First 5 months only with super strict diet and then had insulin 2 times per day. Wasn’t so bad… now im 8 months after preg and i still have high levels so being careful with food (no more insulin) until hopefully will clear in a few extra months 😉♥️ although if it’s here to stay… babies were healthy and not a problem at all. They were born at 36 weeks.

Gestational Diabetes in Twin Pregnancy – I ate little and often (very often 🤣) actually felt amazing

@kat_spalding_ : I had gestational diabetes with my twins, I stuck to a diet of very low carbs and ate little and often (very often 🤣) actually felt amazing with diet as diabetes was making me feel exhausted and drained. I still needed insulin towards end of pregnancy but was easy to do. Twins both unaffected by the diabetes and I haven’t got it now either. The lower carb diet gave me so much more energy all the way through pregnancy once diagnosed, I still participated in all the long walks and activities with my older two kids which if I was still feeling like I was before diagnosis I would have struggled.

Reply : @amyetter : @kat_spalding_ How many net carbs did you eat per day?

Reply : @clairenewbold_ : @kat_spalding_ I felt the same, I’m 33 weeks now and still diet controlled but feel so much better since switching my diet up. I still have quite a few carbs but much less sugary foods and pair with fats and proteins. This will all depend on how each person reacts but so far I can tolerate quite a bit and be well within range. I’m still walking the dogs daily and feeling well in myself which wasn’t the case before. Both babies are just under the 50th percentile and growing well, the consultant was discussing natural birth with me over the section option too.

Reply : @kat_spalding_ : @amyetter I kept it to 10 grams per serving per meal, and I ate a lot of small meals so not certain how many

Gestational Diabetes and Twins – I had it and my girls were fine

@noeleen.k.18 : I had it and my girls were fine, had 4 weeks on diet control and the last 4 weeks I needed insulin twice daily. They told me it was nothing I was doing as I followed the meal plan it’s just common with twins. The prick test for me was 6 times daily before and after meals

@suehargrove : I had it with my girls, I followed the diet strictly but I did end up with insulin. They came out perfect with no blood sugar issues. It will be fine, you should be monitored and test yourself regularly. I think I was very 2hrs for my prick test (not at night of course) it’s quiet common in twin pregnancies I believe.

@toniquiogue : I was able to control my GDM through diet alone. Only needed insulin when I received steroid shots when I went through premature labor since steroid tends to spike your blood sugar. One thing my doctor told me was do not be scared of insulin! It’s not harmful to the babies and insulin shots were also almost painless. What’s important is you get the nutrition you need during your pregnancy + monitor your blood sugar levels 🙂

@anniemayfanning : One tip I was given which has worked a treat for me was the add a veggie starter (even a green salad will do) before your main meal to curb the glucose spike!

@kameokandii : @twin_mama_sparkle and I both had gestational diabetes and we both carried our twins to full term (37 weeks) and had healthy 6lb+ babies!

Gestational Diabetes Twins – I found it handy and still use the principles today!

@keirakelleher : @glucosegoddess is really good for teaching you how to balance your diet. I found it handy and still use the principles today! I found the info from my hospital not very useful as there wasn’t anything about how carbs can affect your levels either. Exercise ((just a walk!) after eating helps your body process too and keeps levels lower. Also remember that what your body tolerates one week might change so be kind to yourself! My DCDA twins were born prem (not GD related) and one had a slightly high level but all was good 😊

@k_nelson87 : I had it-was diet controlled and babies were absolutely fine with blood sugars after being born at 35+2. @gestational_diabetes_uk is full of information as you need to eat differently compared to non-pregnancy diabetes. Lots of trial and error at the start and once I found some meals that worked I stuck to them. You can still eat some carbs,although you have to see what works for you and pairing with lots of protein helps (I ate lots of cheese!) x

@carissapaul15 : Following! Just got the diagnosis last Thursday.

@jordo922 : @gestational.diabetes.nutrition is honestly the best resource. She helped me grow to healthy babes and gave me a lot of tips on what and how to eat to ensure I was consuming enough carbs to support a healthy pregnancy without spiking my sugar.

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