Identical Twins Boy and Girl

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Twin Moms answer about identical twins boy and girl

@na_tillyy : I have boy and girl twins, but they’re not identical. I think identical is only if they are same sex

@cleomsf : Listen I have had twins for 13 months and sometimes I stilll have to catch myself with this when I meet other twin moms. We don’t do a good job educating adults about how the human body works – and I say this as a former women’s health journalist. I give this mama a big hug! And say, it might not even be the last time you ask this question even once you learn how twins work. Big hugs 💐💐

@juanitaforsen : One girl 💗and one boy 💙

@francescaaaa_1006 : I have identical girl twins

@srilekha_daspatnaik : I have twin girls but non identical. Happy to answer any twin mom query.

@_lovinqme27 : I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins & both are boys 🤞🏼🥰

@nmm.1901 : She has a lot to learn and catch up on.. : Yes I have a boy & a girl & they are fraternal ❤️

Pretty sure that’s impossible…

@alexxapeters : Pretty sure that’s impossible…

@severo_tania : I have identical twins. Boys

@nacnik : This is one of the main questions I get asked about my boy/girl twins 🤣 “are they identical” 🤣🤦🏼‍♀️

@page_mama : Can we not spread misinformation here when people are trying to prepare for twins? Identical twins come from one egg split into two. Plain and simple they cannot be different genders. Your OBGYN or Maternal and Fetal medicine doctor can explain and show you the differences. Good luck

@na_tillyy : I have boy and girl Twins, but they’re not identical. I think identical is only if they are same sex

@airoutwest : Identical twins can only be two girls or two boys!:) I have twin identical girls! 🥰

@steinersquares : Bahaha stop

@marnicolesoto : What?

I do ! They can’t be identical

@raheemaaseya : I do ! They can’t be identical.

@thevixen : I have twins, boy and girl, but not identical

@danyelleeee33 : I think she is asking you hear from a mom with identical girl twins and a Mom with identical girl twins.

@grace_ciranni : I have boy girl twins but mine are fraternal

@the_twinsies_mommy : Me! Fraternal twins- a girl & a boy !

@abbysmns : Identical twins can’t be different genders! She’s having fraternal twins. I hope things get cleared up. But I’m 36 weeks pregnant with boy/girl twins, what does she have questions about?

@ninanasarudin : Identical but Dif gender – Monochorionic Monoamniotic (MCMA) Identical

1% of b/g twins can be identical

@the_yorkshire_twin_mum : 1% of b/g twins can be identical

@getmybabytosleep : They can’t be identical and opposite gender can they?

@simply__kiaa : She’ll be looking for a lifetime.🌚

@hanakotrbackova : Identical are just one gender. They have the same DNA, as they are from single egg and single sperm. But I can tell it does not mean they will be the exactly same. My identical twins are both totaly diffrent, not so much in appearance byt in personality for sure.

@naekid__ : Huh? I’m confused.. is the word identical confusing??

@jensenba : This is a joke, right? 🤦🏼‍♀️

@anniya_faizan : I have twins..Boy & a girl but not identical though…

@bibi_grbich : I have twins boy and a girl but not identical though…

@superna.tshah : I have twins :a boy and a girl but fraternal twins. They are 4 months old now.

@goodie_fz : I have twin girls fraternal 😇😇

99.9% of identical twins are same sex

@foodphotomelanie : If she’s looking for someone with Turner’s syndrome maybe she should word it that way. Otherwise let’s try not to spread this around people already ask us boy/girl twin moms this question too much! 99.9% of identical twins are same sex.

@ojalkulkarni : They can’t be of two genders if they’re identical, it’s either both girls or both boys 🙂

@63_barbie : Identical twins means the embryo split, therefore both babies will be the same sex. Twins, one boy and one girl can not be identical!

@lauraslater89 : Unfortunately identical twins are always the same sex, otherwise they’re fraternal and non-identical xx

@tatumsteinhage : I love how everyone on here seems to know everything about twins, but clearly doesn’t know about semi identical twins of the OPPOSITE sex. It is very possible, but extremely rare! Only a couple cases in the world.

@divine_love1988 : 😂😂😂😂 they are not serious 🧐 I think we need to start with the word identical 😂😂😂

@lhaldenby88 : Is this a joke??? 🤣

The questions about twins are crazy!

@kerri_inthecity : The questions about twins are crazy! Society needs more training in how to act around twins. My identical girls get asked nonstop if they’re twins. It’s not easy for them.

@laura.x.christodoulides : I do and they are not identical!

@mich.n.margeaux_plus_3 : Identical twins are will be the same gender as it iss one embryo that split.

@boutzen01 : Boy, girl twins cannot be identical, I believe. For starters, xx vs xy…😂

@sophieleighbrown91 : Identical twins are always the same gender. If it’s a boy & girl then they are fraternal.

@uma_purushothaman : Here! a girl and a boy, not identical though.

@emmy_do89 : They can’t be identical if they are different sexes

@fraeulein_bunter_als_bunt : it is a rare chance to happen but not impossible

I also believe can’t be identical if they are opposing sex

@xsabs_xh : I have fraternal twins. Girl and a boy. I also believe can’t be identical if they are opposing sex. I have identical twin sisters and fraternal twins brother and sister. My twins are so different in every way possible. I also have two older girls and they are all unique in their own way.

@charlotteandcleopatra : 😂😂

@kntfitness_ : That is impossible.. won’t be identical if they are not the same gender 🤔

@megnicbar : For real? Two different genders can’t be identical.

@wannell_twincesses : 🤣🤣🤣😩

@kirst.cooper : Identical can’t be different genders they have the same DNA. Currently 26 weeks with identical girls mo/Di twins

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