IURG Growth Restriction in Twin PregnancyHey, incredible twin moms! 👩‍👧‍👦 We have a brave mom in our community sharing a challenging moment. At 23 weeks, she got a diagnosis of IURG growth restriction in twin pregnancy, and she’s feeling scared. 💔

If any of you have experience or advice on dealing with IURG or have walked a similar path, please share your insights below. Your support can make a significant difference. 🌈💖 Let’s surround her with our twin mom wisdom and love.

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Twin Mom Answer about IURG growth restriction:

@wilsontwinsandmummy : One of my twins had restricted growth! Was born at 35 and 2 and only 2lb 15oz spent 16 days in special care and doing amazing now! Stay strong you’ve got this!!

@marijnrozema : You got this mama🌷💪💪

@healthy_through_life_1979 : It was discovered in the 20th week of pregnancy that one of my girls had this. I went to the gynecologist or hospital every week for examinations. At the beginning I was exhausted, but I quickly realized that I couldn’t change anything. and that this happened in some twin pregnancies. and 95% everything went well. Then I started not to stress anymore and suddenly at 30 weeks my little sister caught up. When she was born she weighed 1860 kg and only had to be on intensive care for two days. then she was allowed to come back to me and her sister. you will see, everything will be fine.

@crystalfields_ : I had my twins (mcda) 8 weeks ago via emcs at 32 weeks due to severe iugr.. we are at home after exactly 4 weeks in nicu and although they are still small they are doing really well!! Stay strong

@twinningdownunder : My twins had TAPS and my donor twin was diagnosed with IUGR at 26 weeks. She actually caught up to her twin or the other one slowed down but both were under the 10th percentile. It’s possible for them to catch up, the great news is that

@devya_h : Me too! We had to get a scheduled c section a month early but so grateful they came healthy!! They are now 13 months and 19 and 21 lbs

@annadistefano96 : Thank you for your support😢🙏

@jesshargreaves : Hey! One of my twins was diagnosed with IUGR at 16 weeks. It is really really scary and we wasn’t sure whether the girls would make it or not. We were actually offered a termination for our little twin 😢 but… we continued the pregnancy, had weekly scans and were also fortunate enough to be seen by the UKs leading twin specialist. At 26+6, the girls were delivered due to reduced movement, weighing 2lb5 and 1lb8. We spent 16 weeks in NICU until the girls were well enough to come home with us.

They are both now 10 months old (7month corrected) and doing so so well, you wouldn’t believe it!! My advice now for the rest of your pregnancy would be to try to take things easy (physically) and eat as much protein as you can. I believe that this massively helped us, all of the doctors said that the girls were actually in a good condition when they were born considering the IUGR. There are also a couple of social media pages for IUGR which are always full of positive stories and outcomes! Good luck & I wish you all the best for you & your babies xx

@theetiffster : Baby B had it and he lasted until 37 weeks and was born 4 lbs 4 oz. He spent 4 days in Nicu. he is now 6 months and weighs 16.5 lbs.

@beccabarness : Twin pregnancy following a pregnancy loss the year before at 20 weeks. Twin 1 was oligohydramnious (no amniotic fluid) from 16 weeks, Twin 2 was growth below the 10th centile from around 28 weeks. As a Midwife, i had the knowledge, and given my history, I was incredibly anxious. With great care from the hospital staff, excellent timing of delivery by my consultant, they were born healthy at 35 weeks. It was hard, I went off work early at 24 weeks. You’ve got this Mumma, try to stat positive and take one week at a time, one scan at a time. Things can change week by week. Growth can improve x love to you

@theskyehighfoundation : @tapssupport

@charlihewickbrown : My MCDA girls got diagnosed with SIUGR at 16 weeks. Weight difference fluctuated a lot in every scan we had – biggest discordance was 25% lowest was 18% – both born 32+2 due to late onset TTTS and they did 15 days in NICU 100 miles away from home, they’re now 17 months old and thriving 🤍🤍

@ejtay2017 : One of my twins had IUGR diagnosed at 30 weeks. They both were born at 34 weeks and now are almost two. Both spent time in the NICU. You got this!

@erinthemoneytherapist : @annadistefano96 I had IUGR with one of my girls and was diagnosed at 23 weeks too. I was able to carry them both to 37 weeks and my little one was in the NICU just 24 hours to help with blood sugar regulation but did so great and we got to go home after just 2 days! Try not to stress – focus on nutrition and keeping yourself healthy to carry those sweet babes as long as possible!! You can do this. IUGR doesn’t necessarily mean anything is going wrong everyone is just a little small, and we still love petite babies ❤️❤️ you can do it mama hang in there

@thewomanguidetwg : @annadistefano96 Everything is going to be okay!! Delivered my twins @ 31 weeks + 3 days. My IUGR Baby B was 2 lbs 14 ounces and spent 66 days in the NICU. He’s totally fine and a healthy baby boy 💙💙 Both of my boys are!!

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