Pregnant with Twins and Preeclampsia

This future twin mom is reaching out for some much-needed support and advice. 🤰 She’s currently 34.4 weeks pregnant with twins and preeclampsia. 😔 On top of that, her baby boy is measuring in at the 5th percentile, which adds extra worry and stress. They’ve scheduled her c-section for Friday, just one day short of 35 weeks. These twins are her first, and she’s feeling incredibly overwhelmed and anxious about what to expect, especially with the unexpected challenges she’s facing. 🤯

She’s reaching out to the twin mom community for some insight, advice, and support as she navigates this challenging time. Have you been through something similar? Do you have any tips or words of wisdom to share? Please drop them in the comments ! 💬
Let’s show her some love and support during this uncertain time. 💕

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@kristine_barbaria : I barely gained 30 lbs with my di/di twins. It made me very nervous but I trusted my body and never had signs from my body that things were wrong.

@thediaryofatwinmama : Babe, 35 weeks is incredible! You’ve done everything you can for your babies, and if there was an immediate risk to your smaller twin they would have taken them out already. Motherhood is hard, twin motherhood is another level but both are a journey. There is no book out there that can truly prepare you, every day you will learn something new about yourself and your new babies, so please be kind to yourself Mama, you’ve got this 💪 Best of luck ♥️

@mrsaishlingsorrentino : Hi, I had preeclampsia at 34 weeks, had my c section at 34 5- my boy was also measuring smaller, but they were born 6 pound and 6 pound 8, jack needed 24 hours in NICU but that was all, 5 days in hospital overall and we were home! Best of luck and how exciting that it’s time to meet your babies!! 🍀🍀❤️❤️ xx : Hello! I’m also expecting twins (girl&boy) and almost in week 35. You’ll be fine you’ll see, we are ready for this💪🏻💜

I had my DI DI twins at 32 weeks and with few weeks of stay at NICU, both babies are doing great

@srilekha_daspatnaik : You have come a long way Mama and 35 weeks with Di Di twins is one big milestone. I had my DI DI twins at 32 weeks and with few weeks of stay at NICU, both babies are doing great post discharge. Trust what your OBGYN says and the medical staff are fully equipped to help you through out the journey. You got this. 😍

@_lizzie_espino_ : I’m in a very similar situation myself. I’m right there with you and sending you and the babies strength. ♥️

@elainaandruby : 35 weeks is great! Many twins are born even earlier!
My girls were born at 34+2 and my baby B had IUGR also only at the 5th and then 3rd percentile. They were born via scheduled c section & only spent 25 days in the nicu! Ellie was 4lbs 11oz, only requiring an NG tube for help with feeds. Ruby (baby B) was 2lb 11oz and needed some lipids and fluids through a picc line for a week but then she was fine! They worked on getting up to full feeds without using an NG tube and then when Ruby was 4lbs we were able to go home as she was then the car seat minimum weight!

Being born early/ smaller doesn’t always mean they will require more care. I know a twin mom that had her twins almost full term at 36+6 and one needed flown to a special hospital for extra support and they were on ventilators and such whereas my preemies were born earlier and didn’t need as much support!
Be prepared for anything bc every baby is different but try not to stress too much because it’s not always the worst case scenario like you’re thinking!
My girls are absolutely thriving at 15 months old now and I couldn’t be more proud of them.
You’ve got this!!
Remember to be upfront with your birth plan (ie wanting to see your babies before they take them to nicu, how long your partner stays in the OR with you, if you want pictures taken in OR (if able), etc)

My twins were born 34 weeks and I had serve preeclampsia…

@amandaspaige : My twins were born 34 weeks and I had serve preeclampsia! My babies were in the NICU for almost 2 weeks and doing so amazing now 🙏🏻 wish you all the luck!

@tori_carpenter : This happened to me – we had a two week stay in nicu with help and support with feeding tubes to gain some weight. The nurses were brilliant there. Stay strong mama you’ve got this xx

@poppysprouts : I had Didi boy girl twins. My situation is a little different as they didn’t know I had pre-eclampsia until after birth when I was readjusted. But one thing I can speak on is having one small twin. My boy was 7 lbs and girl was only 3lbs 13oz born at 37 weeks to the day. She was born at the 0.04th percentile. Yes she has been small but she has been mightly. They were in the nicu for 12 days before she reached 4lbs to go home. I hope this gives you a little calmer thoughts in the storm your going through right now. Just remember you are doing great and you CAN handle this. Being a twin mom is the most empowering experience of my life (having a singleton first) I never knew how strong I was until I had two. 💛

@florenciadzodan : All will go well. Enjoy the last hours of belly, stay positive, take pics of you and talk to them as much as you can. Will relax you and them for sure!!! ♥️♥️ i had a csec at 36 werks after having gestational diabetes, super swollen legs for 2 months and the last week my pee was showing proteins (not good). Our boy was born 2kg and out girl 2.5kg so they were having a “fight” for food hehe

It’s SO overwhelming, but you just do it!!

@because.its.twins : It’s SO overwhelming, but you just do it!! These are my first as well – I had them at 34 weeks. Everything you’re feeling is SO normal!! I promise you that despite how overwhelming it is to think about how everything is going to change, you just kind of do it and figure it out! If you need anything at all, DM me!! Good luck, Mama! ❤

@_ana.velez : Excellent gestation! I had an emergency c section at 30 weeks, right after midnight became 30 weeks and 1 day, only because my liver enzymes shot up to the roof. I had the whole ✨package✨ preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, liver problems, etc. my body was just shutting down. The kiddos will be in the NICU for a few weeks, still here and they are 7 weeks already. The NICU is not for the weak! You got this mama! After you’re discharged and want to spend hours in the NICU, get to pumping FAST, and bring stuff to keep you occupied. The alarms and beeping will get to you.

@naz89xx : I had my twins bang on 35 weeks due to a ruptured placenta. Again, 2 week stay in NICU. The NICU nurses are amazing and you learn SO much from them that you wouldn’t normally so soak it up if you end up in there. Also, i managed to get some really good nights sleep with the babies being in NICU, i really think that helped my recovery! Its not ideal but its your journey and you and your babies will be safe and healthy. Enjoy those first few weeks of being a twin mumma, oh its the best meeting your babies. Xxx

Born by c section at 34 weeks and they have done great!

@lovinglollylife : My grandsons were born by c section at 34 weeks and they have done great! You did well to make it this far… you got this Momma! 🙌🏻🙏🏻❤️❤️

@timestwoadventures : Every situation can be different, but if this mumma needs some to message and talk to for a sounding board as I know with my twins how tough it can be. Happy for her to message me ❤️

@ranne_vtaca : Hi mama, i had my BI-BI twins naturally three weeks ago (probably week cervix). They were 34+0, first twin was absolutely ok, second twin needed oxygen therapy for about three hours, she than breathed on her own. They needed short NICU stay for two days, just to be sure. They are both perfectly healthy and beautiful. I wish ypu all the best, it will be fine! ❤️

@brookenovosel : I just had mono-di identical girls at 35 weeks, 5 days. I also had pre-eclampsia, so they had to deliver via emergency c section 9 days early. I also had twin to twin at 22 weeks, so one of my girls was really small. They spent 17 and 18 days in the NICU, due to size… but other than that, they are doing amazing. 6 weeks old today!!! 35 weeks is so good for twins! You will do great! Give yourself grace, and hang in there! All is going to work out. ❤❤❤❤❤

I had choleostasis and preeclampsia and ended up having to deliver at 34 weeks

@samanthamarie9 : I had choleostasis and preeclampsia and ended up having to deliver at 34 weeks and 2 days. Our twins were 4 pounds 7 oz and spent 12 days in the nicu. It was challenging but they received amazing care and came home strong and healthy! We didn’t envision it that way but everything turned out fine. You’re doing amazing and everything you can! You’ve got this! Praying for you!❤️🙏

@emilyjanestarkey : Morning, I’ve just had twins at 35 weeks. The hospital support has been amazing. Don’t over think you. You’ll smash it and just go with the flow at the time. There is no right or wrong. Look after yourself xx

@marianalondono : Sending you strength. I had my twins at 34 weeks and 1 day because of preeclampsia. Had to have an emergency c section.. they will be in the nicu for a bit and as hard as that may seem, it’s for the best. They will gain the necessary strength and you will be able to learn a lot from the nicu nurses. Those people are usually angels. It will be some tough days but it will get better and easier! Just have faith and be strong! It will be okay.

@dranita_ghadge : Reaching 35 weeks is really twins were born 33+ of my twins was also in 5th centile..but she is doing fine don’t worry..its a hard beautiful journey which I wish someone told me will find strength inside of you you didn’t think you had!

I delivered via c section at 33 weeks. The c section was much easier than I anticipated

@malcandy4 : I had a similar situation, however I delivered via c section at 33 weeks on the dot! (The c section was much easier than I anticipated, however the recovery was now! Start you stool softeners now! Haha) My baby B was weighing below the 5th percentile and had blood flow issues between him and his placenta, so I delivered unexpectedly that soon!

My boys weighed 3lbs 5oz and 4 lbs even. They had a NICU stay of 36 and 41 days. While the road ahead seems daunting, just know that those NICU nurses are incredible and know what you’re going through! I’m a nurse practitioner myself, but have worked ER and urgent care clinics my entire career! So, the NICU was a totally different ballgame.. even for me! Those people become family, almost, as you’re navigating becoming a mom and the NICU for the first time, they are there for it all! They truly are angels!!

Now, at nearly 2.5 months old, my twins are thriving and both nearly 10 lbs!! Once they come home, it’s so bittersweet, as you become more tired and have new challenges, but are elated to just have them home!! Hang in there mama!! Listen to your healthcare providers, do what is best for you and those babies, and trust that God has a hand over you through it all! You CAN do this! ❤️❤️

@dana_m_buffo : Know that you got this! Take each moment as part of your journey, your story to share. Each one of us has a different experience but at the end of the day, you will persevere and so will your babies. It may not be the easiest road (but it’s sooooo special) but you will love it regardless! You got this mama!!

I had my twins at 35 weeks and they had no NICU stay

@ammieclark.64 : I had my twins at 35 weeks and they had no NICU stay, no time apart from me and didn’t need any support. Every situation is different ♥️

@sheenosaurus : First of all, congrats momma!! Twins are such a blessing, the advice you’ve been given so far is spot on, parenting IS one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences in life but YOU GOT THIS! (My mantra when times get tough)

My best advice as a fellow twin mom is 1. trust your instincts, social media and other platforms can have helpful advice but ultimately, you were built to grow and raise these sweet little humans and no one will know what’s best for them more than you! 2. Try not to get sucked into the comparison game – every human is different, there isn’t a “one size fits all” (this applies to your twins but also I found myself comparing myself to other moms and went down a rabbit hole of second guessing and guilt) 3. Lean on your community!! It truly takes a village especially with twins, allow yourself the grace your mind, body and soul deserve and give your body the time it needs to heal (easier said than done I know but it’s so important!)

I wish you and your peanuts all the best and remember, you got this momma!! 🤍🤍

@joanna_roocha : Stay positive!!
I’m now 35w3d with identical boys, possible natural delivery, almost 3kg/each and I just want to cry of happiness and fear 😂But we are already achieving the moment were we will say: WE MADE IT! As you will say in few days, nevertheless if NIUC need ❤️ Be positive and enjoy all belly kicks 🙌

My twins were born at 34 weeks 5 days! We had a 2 week NICU stay but no big issues

@heyryley : My di di twins were born at 34 weeks 5 days! We had a 2 week nicu stay but no big issues – twin B was on cpap for the first night but it was off by the time we went to see them in the morning. The only reason we were in the nicu was to gain weight and learn to eat and they did fantastic. Almost 11 months now and they’re big healthy gals

@mrscoachfoos : I had my twins in September at 35 weeks 2 days. I had also developed preeclampsia. Both babies measured grade at birth and did not need any Nicu time. I wound up back in the hospital with peripartum cardiomyopathy shortly after delivery. My advice is just listen to your body and listen to your doctors. You are going to do great!

@linnymikey : I had my mono di twins at 35 weeks with pre eclampsia and they stayed in the nicu for 2 weeks. The nicu people are some of the best people on earth!! If they need that care they will be in great hands. My twins are now 7 months and doing amazing! You’re doing great mama!! You got this! ❤️

@berniesgirl_21 : I had my twins 4 months ago, at 27 weeks🥹, one baby was at the NICU for 65 days, one was for 75 days😭. Today they are at home with us, and they’re doing great & we couldn’t be happier🥰 . Wishing you all the best, hang in there. Even when it seems scary, our God’s hand & protection is with our babies. It will be all good❤️🥰

I was admitted at 30 weeks with severe preeclampsia and IUGR

@ejtay2017 : I had di di twins and had a very similar experience. I was admitted at 30 weeks with severe preeclampsia and IUGR of the smaller twin (7th percentile). They were born via C-section at 34 weeks and had to stay in the NICU about two weeks. They were never on oxygen and just had to work on feeding. They are now two and very healthy.

@sierrafakler : I also had severe preeclampsia with my twins. They are 8 months now are we are all thriving! It was terrifying in the moment but know you will make it out! I was pushing so hard for a home birth and natural birth but I’m so glad I ultimately listened to my doctors because it saved my life. You got this mama and you are not alone!!

@r.o.y.a.l__b.a.e : Do twins ever get to 40th week?

@shabz4u : Don’t worry your babies will be fine. 36 weeks is full term for twins. I delivered mine at 35.5 weeks and they were fine. Mine stayed at NiCU for a week and they were taken care by the expert doctors. Don’t worry the more you think the more anxious you will get. Just relax and wait for your bundle of joy to arrive in your arms soon. 😍 you have carried them for all these months you are very strong 💪 to handle them once they are safely out into this world.

@buckshotmomma01 : 35 weeks is amazing I gave birth to mono twins at 35 weeks 5lbs and 6 lbs no no I time and I was hime@within 48 hours . You got this 35 weeks is incredible

I had DiDi twins and one was measuring much smaller

@amithom : I had DiDi twins and one was measuring much smaller and we had to be referred to fetal medicine. He was born 5lbs at 37 weeks and was in SCBU to help with his glucose levels. I also had a c section (previously had a vaginal birth with my first) and it went really well despite my nervous thoughts. Honestly you’ll do amazing, it is daunting to think but you’re in good hands, they will look after you and your babies. You can do this 💪🏼sending you lots of love 🥰

@the_lolo_ivy : You’ve done well mama! The Lord is with you!

@nicole__eileen__ : I had my boys at 35+1. They were in the NICU for about a week just for feeding and growing. It’s hard to not bring your babies home right away but TRUST ME, take advantage of the medical professionals and allow them to determine when they are safe to be home. I was so depressed and mad about not having them@come home because they weren’t hitting the milestones the nurses give them in the NICU about eating a certain amount within an allotted time period. I also got the steroid shot for their lungs around 34 weeks. I went into preterm labor at 34 weeks and luckily we held off in the hospital till 35+1. So I hope you got that.

We also had pulse oximeters (Owelet) on the boys when we brought them home to help our nerves with their heart rates, breathing rates. They were preemies. They have a lot of oxygen devices for babies now. My boys are 6 now and thriving! Make sure you have great support with your partner on taking turns with the babies. You are only one person and can’t stretch yourself out both ways. Get on a good schedule and record the feeding/diaper change times. They have tons of apps! It’s hard to remember which baby ate, etc and you want to monitor them on their nutrition and output. Also congrats and welcome to the amazingly beautiful world of being a twin mama. ❤❤

Our girls had short NICU stays, BUT they were in great hands

@miranda_adamson : I had the same thing happen to me. My c section was at 35 weeks exactly. Our girls were 4.6 and 4.15 lbs. They had short NICU stays, BUT they were in great hands and this allowed me time to get good rest at night and recover from a c section! I tried to see the silver lining even though I know the situation isn’t ideal. You’re going to have a major surgery. Don’t forget to rest and take care of yourself, too. Monitor your blood pressure post partum daily and advocate for yourself if you don’t see improvements. It take up to 6 weeks to resolve but you still want it controlled. You’ve got this 👏🏼

@rosie_in_toot : Of course you’re anxious! Twins first round of having babies would be incredibly daunting. I had mine 6 wks ago, at 34 & 5 days via c section. Very important to focus on your recovery as well as your babies in those first few wks. Having them in special care/NICU is tough but there are advantages- more chance for you to rest while recovering from surgery.

The nurses are beautiful souls who you will learn loads from & who will understand how hard it is for you at times, your babies will be safe & have 24/7 care, you get to rest at night (really try to, even if pumping! I spread my pumping out so I wasn’t sleep deprived before they came home), you will have learnt a lot by the time they get home & feel more confident! And then it will just be your new normal that you’ll put all your energy into whilst feeling your heart bursting. Watching babies grow is the most incredible thing & counters the hard parts. You’ll be more than ok 💪🏼 💚☺️ good luck!

My Di Di girls were born at 34 4 via vaginal delivery because of pre eclampsia

@bailey.w.butler : 35 weeks is amazing! Very similar experience! My Di Di girls were born at 34 4 via vaginal delivery because of pre eclampsia. Twin A was 4 lb 11 oz and Twin B was breech and weighed 5 lb 6 oz and needed a little bit of oxygen for about 24 hours in the NICU. They were both moved down to the step down unit after that, total stay 17 days to gain weight and meet milestones. Don’t put dates, timeline, unnecessary pressure on anything!

Have patience and know that your babies are strong and will be just fine! It will seem like forever and no progress is made, you may have some days where no weight is gained (or maybe even lose a little) and other minor setbacks but they’ll hit those milestones and be home before you know it! Get every bit of info from the nurses- they are angels! Ask the same questions to multiple nurses- everyone has different tips/tricks! It is a weird feeling leaving the hospital without your babies but you’ll fall into a routine quickly- rely on your support system as much as you can so you can spend as much time there with them as possible. You will do amazing!

I had an emergency c section… they were in the NICU for 2.5 and 3.5 weeks

@jakeykaney_twins : My di di identical twin boys were born at 34 + 5 same as you. They were an emergency c section bc baby B failed the ultrasound tests. They were born and on room air from birth. Which is wonderful. However they were in the NICU for 2.5 and 3.5 weeks. They were in the isolattes for a little to maintain body temp and after a few days has to go under the lights for jaundice maybe 1 or twi days. They did well with feeds and progressed well and thought possibly they could go home after the first week but then they started having bradycardias. Which is what kept them there.. as hard as it was for me to leave them in the hospital and it was so drastically different then my older daughters birth.. they were healthy!

Doing well! And the drs weren’t concerned at all and said they just needed time.. so prepare yourself they say that they’ll be in the NICU until their ‘due date’ but most times if there are no issues they will be home before that. Best thing to do is be at the NICU as much as possible. Get to know everyone and speak to the drs and nurses. Also you have the right to speak up if you don’t like someone or something. Our hospital all babies born before 35 weeks have to go to NICU. And it’s not a sleepover NICU. As hard as that time was it to shall pass and once they are home that’s all that will matter!! Wishing you and your babies a healthy and safe delivery. Welcome to the best time of your life!!! ❤

My twins same. Just under 5lbs They are now 50 yrs old

@itsallgood24 : My twins same. Just under 5lbs They are now 50 yrs old were always tops in their class played sports and extremely close My advice have help for first 3 months until you and them are strong

@tom.mies : I delivered my mono di twins at 35 weeks and one was 4lbs and one was 5 lbs. I also had preeclampsia so went for a stat c-section. They were healthy and strong. Twin B the little one had a feeding tube for a short period of time. 12 days in NICU and then home. They are fighters ❤️ everything will be fine

@baryuth_spadafore : I had mono-di twin girls just hours shy of 35 weeks! Twin A was showing signs of growth restrictions toward the end so I was induced. Both were born healthy and spent 1 week in the NICU mainly to ensure they gained weight. They did both have one episode of apnea hours after their birth but never had one since. They 19 months now and doing great!! They weigh and measure almost the same 😄.

@living.whatyoulove : I’m so sorry you developed pre eclampsia!! I delivered my momo twins at 32 weeks (considered full term) and they’re almost 3 and thriving girls now!! It can be okay at 35 weeks!!! Cognitive is usually better and babies usually know how to suck swallow breath by then. You could end up with some NICU time but it may not be too long of a stay!🙏🏼💗 our girls were 4 lb 5 oz and 4 lbs 1.6 oz! & stayed 45 days in nicu after I stayed 45 days in prenatal. Praying for easy delivery and recovery for you and healthy happy babies!!!!🙏🏼💗

iIf one or both babies need the NICU they will be in the absolute best hands!

@page_mama : Just know that if one or both babies need the NICU they will be in the absolute best hands! Ask as many questions as you need and just try to prepare yourself for anything the day will bring. It will be a lot going on and overwhelming no matter how much you prepare! Take deep breaths and know that in a year this will all be a memory

@jennamarieb31 : I had my mono di twins at 34 weeks. They were 4 pounds each but only spent 3 weeks in the NICU. Now they are home and catching right up. Don’t worry momma!! They will be fine

@glcrimper85 : My twins were 35 weeks born and my little one was 4lb born stayed in NICU two weeks to put weight on . I got given steroids before I had them to help their lungs , maybe ask about this. Good luck with everything xx

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