With the two-seat BOB Gear Twins Jogger Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie jogging stroller for twins newborn. You’ll be able to take both twins on any outing-whether prepping for a 10K or heading out for a day at the zoo. The suspension BOB Gear twins jogger system and air-filled tires. Keep you running smoothly and the adjustable handlebar fits parents of all heights.

The seats of the stroller for twins newborn are designed with

Compression padding for all day comfort and sit fully-upright, so your little riders can take on this planet. Extra large UPF 50+ canopies shield from the sun. And include magnetic peek & chat windows so you’ll be able to check on and chat with your twins along the way. A jogger for twins with a spacious cargo basket and ten storage pockets. You’ll be able to have a number of room for your gear and can keep your cell phone close at hand. The spin locking front wheel maneuvers with ease through packed streets and locks for stability when jogging. At the same time as reflective accents keep you protected on your whole journeys (lunar black fashion is ultra-reflective). Meets Disney requirements size. Cloth Technology: Water Resistant Canvas Sport Fabric Reflective Accents.

Slide ride: Suspension system & Air filled tires gives an ultra smooth ride over any surface.
Perfect Fit: Adjustable handlebar creates the immaculate fit for twins parents of all heights. No rethread harness design for easy height adjustments.
Extra space: 10 storage pockets and extra-large cargo basket provide a number of room for your gear; includes a cell phone pocket handlebar
Go back and forth system ready: Compatible with most major brand car seats with the usage of a BOB infant car seat Adapter (sold one at a time).
Fit: From birth age to 50 lbs per seat (100 lbs total). Zero to 8 weeks when used with compatible duallie adapter and infant car seat. Meets Disney requirements of size.

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7 reviews for BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Duallie Double Jogging Stroller, Graphite Black

  1. Robyn E.

    We bought the Revolution Flex 3.0 as an upgrade from our Graco Jogger. With Covid 19 closing down daycares and having our toddler at home, my 22 month old son became my daily walking buddy again. It was clear that the old stroller was not cutting it (for him or me). I agonized over what stroller to buy, knowing that I wanted something that he would be comfortable in and I would enjoy pushing over pavement and trails. I have some friends who had BOB strollers and assured me I would not regret the purchase, and they were right.

    If you lead an active lifestyle then the BOB is definitely a stroller to consider. It is a very smooth ride and manoeuvres very easily. I mostly walk on pavement and trails and the stroller glides over bumps, instead of jostling the whole stroller like with the Graco. My son loves the fully upright position of the seat so he can look around. The canopy is a nice, durable canvas that can be pulled to two heights, always offering the right amount of sun coverage. I hated the canopy on my old stroller so this, for me, is a huge plus to the BOB. I find the two step fold easy and you can clip it together so it stays in place. It is on the heavier side for strollers, but coming from having an already heavy stroller the BOB is fine for me to lift. I like the little storage pockets for phone, wallet etc.

    I gave 4 stars because Amazon actually replaced the first Flex I bought in May. Less than one week in the stroller was squeaking and making rattling sounds. I called Amazon and they ordered me a replacement without hesitation. Excellent customer service. The new stroller is ok so far (fingers crossed).

    Overall, very, very happy with my BOB Flex 3.0!!

  2. Happy Customer

    This is a great double jogging stroller. I will preface this by saying that I have never owned a BOB stroller before this.

    I own a baby jogger city select (not a running stroller but it converts to a double stroller). This BOB stroller is by FAR more practical to use with two children. Using the city select with two kids (petite 3year old and a baby) is pretty cumbersome- the weight distribution is front-to-back instead of side by side like the BOB. As a result it is very cumbersome navigating the city select up and down sidewalk corners for example (and up hills). Now it may not be fair to compare a running stroller to a regular stroller but I thought I’d point this out. Honestly I wish I had just bought this stroller and a single running stroller (as opposed to purchasing my city select and a single running stroller). So just FYI for those wondering specifically for 2 kids, if you even remotely think you’ll run with two- skip the city select all together…. I mentioned I have a petite 3 year old and he barely fits in the city select seats now, so just pointing that out also.

    This stroller has great maneuverability. Even better than my single running stroller, though that was a cheaper graco one. So take what you will from that. This is significantly nicer.

    Anyway, this BOB stroller is great. The suspension is obvious and it rides very smoothly. Even my three-year-old who dropped naps a couple months ago actually took a nap in this thing! We were all shocked. I like that both seats can recline independently from each other. My baby is reclined when we walk and my toddler prefers to start up but will request to “lay down”. I like the shade’s multiple iterations and the peek window on the top of them. Pockets in each seat if needed and a small pocket on the back of each seat. Easy to fold- it’s a two part folding process (squeeze both handle pulleys in on either side of the handrail with your hands, and while squeezing push it forward, then pull the red flexible handle between the seats to fold completely). The storage at the bottom isn’t huge but is great to bring a few extra things.

    This stroller is BIG but that is expected for a double running stroller.


    1. Wish the hand rail wasn’t foam. I get sweaty hands in the summer and when I run- so I know this will be an issue. I will say the hand rail is super comfortable though.

    2. My stroller is mysteriously squeaky. Kind of like “just sat down in a camp chair” squeaky when I turn or push it side to side. I only notice because my other one isn’t squeaky and my toddler comments on it “what’s that sound!” But now I think he’s used to it. It’s worse when we are going fast. 4 stars for that, it’s going to be really annoying during running like the entire time….

    3. Wish there was a hand break. I’m used to it on the city select. The foot break does it’s job so I won’t fault that, just pointing it out if that’s a deal breaker for you.

    Overall a great stroller. I am very happy with it. I have used for walking a lot now so I feel I can leave this review.
    I will try to update this as I am able to start running more consistently with it (winter/snow here currently and my baby is barely old enough for running now). After using two other strollers, my first experience with this one was WOW! Definitely the best one I have ever owned.

    This is a great stroller if you want to run with two kiddos. I specifically picked this one over others based on the fact that it reclines (some are locked in a single reclined position) and my 3 year old likes being up and down. I have not tried the other “top” (expensive) double running strollers but that was a major factor in choosing this one. You probably can’t go wrong picking from the top of the line strollers. All in all I would definitely recommend this stroller, if you don’t mind some squeaking.


    Running update:

    This is such a breeze to run with. I feel embarrassed that I wasted so much mileage using my graco single jogger. I definitely looked past a LOT of annoying stuff using that. This BOB double is so nice for running! Leaps ahead of using my single graco which is saying a lot since I’m pushing more weight in this double- and it is 1000% easier! Maneuvers up and down sidewalks, grassy terrain- I’ve used it fully loaded with two kids all over the place and it’s great. Suspension makes it really nice for bumps. I haven’t made use of the safety arm strap but I like that it’s there if I choose to use it. My kiddos don’t complain about being in the stroller while running, my three year old constantly says “let’s go fast!” If we are just using BOB on a walk. If you are on the fence I highly recommend this stroller!


    I’ve used this stroller for over a year. It is by far the best stroller we have and most practical for 2 kiddos. We are in this thing most days of the week. One thing I forgot to mention earlier is the handlebar has adjustable heights, I use it lower when running and higher when I want to rest my elbows on it to push while walking and browsing my phone. My husband uses it on a higher setting. It is such a simple feature but being adjustable means multiple people are comfortable using it! I also like that I can have my hands holding it in the middle or on the sides for a different grip. Definitely were looking out for the parents with this design. So simple but such a great feature. I also appreciate the wheels are easy to get off the stroller, as I’ve had to replace the inner tubes a couple of times now (from running over goat head/sticker seeds). I do recommend buying a regular bike tire replacement kit with the tools to get tires off. I didn’t the first two times and it was a miserable time, but that was my own fault. Getting the actual tires off the wheel takes a bit of effort especially the smallest wheel but it’s doable.

    All in all I’m so glad I bought this double stroller and am kicking myself for not getting it in a single when I had my first child. Live and learn.

  3. Sally Mac

    The stroller is exactly as pictured for pattern and design. I had a hand me down jogging stroller and this one is beautiful by comparison and I am surprised how compact it is when folded up. Will fit easily in back of my car/trunk. The only downfall is there is no cup holders so I ordered the BOB heat bag/cup holder attachment for an additional $35 separately. This stroller is like the Cadillac of joggers mind you the cargo space below isn’t as big for groceries and I had hoped – it will do for grabbing a few things. Love the huge sun shade on it.

  4. Very Happy Customer

    Absolutely the best stroller on the market. Have had this stroller for a few weeks now absolutely love it. My insult regret is that I didn’t order this sooner and have it here from the day he came home. I would absolutely recommend if your debating do it! It is a fantastic all terrain stroller, super smooth to push holds everything you can need for a walk or day out, great in all weather and I love the upgrades from the old style bobs things don’t advertise like the convient button you can push and pull to adjust the seat height, the wheels pop on and off, the sun visitor has many adjustable positions and the top can be easily tucked away for full view of your babe. The handle bar adjusts to all heights and super easy to fold to take in the grocery store absolutely will always have a bob while my kids require a stroller! Great investment

  5. Ryan

    Not to be dramatic, but I’ve been in awe for months at how wonderful this stroller is. We bought the Duallie for our 1 year old and 3 year old. Easiest double stroller hands down – and we have tried several different types of doubles. I can literally push and maneuver both of them with one hand. So easily zooming through crowded places like Disneyland and malls but also work well outside on trails and uphill. The adjustable handle is an absolute game changer. Depending on my mood, environment and/ or athleticism for the day, I like the handle bar really low or super high to just “rest” on. Just knowing I can change the handlebar itself makes it an amazing stroller. I change it depending on my environment and it’s worked wonders. Bottom line: this stroller is a dream and I’ll be sad when my kids outgrow it, because it’s so fun to push.

  6. D W

    A bit pricey, but so are all double jogging strollers, from what I can tell. I love the sturdiness of the BOB. Folding it takes some practice, but it’s not too difficult. It is a bit ungainly to put in my car, but again – which dualie jogging stroller isn’t? I wish it had a brake, like my single BOB, for when I’m going down steep hills. Otherwise: love the amount of storage, my son’s fit well in it, the shock absorption is EXCELLENT, and I’m grateful to have such a solid stroller for jogging on the trails.

  7. Haley Smola

    I looked, and searched, and researched, and waited and looked some more at EVERY jogging stroller. I am SO glad I just decided to splurge and buy the more expensive option. This is for our second baby, and we are regular theme park goers. This is going to be glorious for that, and it’s already been fantastic at the park etc; we did purchase the adapter for our Graco stroller and it’s super easy to install and attach. I also purchased the cup holder& pump. The stroller is a sleek black look that says EXPENSIVE and stylish. The sun shield is extra long, which I love. The basket on the bottom is spacious and the wheels etc glide effortlessly! 10/10 recommend. Just buy it.

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