Graco DuoGlider Strollers Double Ride | Lightweight Double Stroller with Tandem Seating, Glacier.

Comfy adventures double stroller for infants twins, and you. The Duo Glider Click Connect Graco DuoGlider Twins Stroller has the entire essentials a rising circle of relatives wishes. This light-weight twins stroller options stadium-taste seating. So the kid sitting within the rear is relatively raised for a greater view. To stay each passengers great and at ease. Each seats characteristic a reclining seat, kid’s tray, rotating cover and footrest. And for Mother, a one-hand fold, Further Massive storage basket, and figure’s tray. The Duo Glider tandem Dual stroller accepts two Graco infant automobile seats, too. Care and Upkeep: Wash removable seat cushion in chilly water on refined cycle and line dry. To wash baby twins stroller body, use most effective family cleaning soap and heat water. By no means use bleach. If wheels squeak, use a mild oil. Each and every seat holds kid as much as 40 lbs.

More about the strollers double for infants twins

Accepts two Graco Cosy Ride Click Connect infant automobile seats. Tandem double stroller Holds 2 twins youngsters as much as 40 pounds each and every one hand. Status fold closes simply and not using a bending essential. Leaving one hand Free for baby twins. Simple get right of entry to, drop down storage basket means that you can achieve in with out disturbing Your reclined kid.
Graco DuoGlider twins stroller options 2 reclining seats with person canopies and footrests; rear seat reclines Totally flat whilst the twins had sufficient journey
Lockable entrance swivel wheels with suspension for superior manoeuvrability. folks tray with storage and 2 cup deep holders for at the go comfort.

More essential details you should know:

Dual stroller weight: 29.5 pounds; Stroller duration: 36 inches; Stroller width: 20.5 inches; Stroller height: 41 inches; Folded height: 29.5 inches; Folded width: 20.5 inches
Further Massive storage basket supplies room for all Your essentials

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0 – 12 months, 1 – 4 years, 4 – 8 years

7 reviews for Graco DuoGlider Double Stroller | Lightweight Double Stroller with Tandem Seating, Glacier

  1. Laol8ol

    La compré para gemelos y es muy amplia, fácil de usar y versátil. Es un poco grande pero cumple con su función y lo mejor es que puedes conectarle portabebés Graco snugride 30 click and connect. Lo mejor de todo fue el precio (barato) y el tiempo de llegada que fue rapidísimo.

  2. Karla Shaw

    My stroller just arrived yesterday. I haven’t had a chance to put it to practical use but so far I love it. It was easy to unfold, simple to put together. I have a small home and was able to maneuver it smoothly and easily. I love the design. It looks very nice – black with gray accent trim The back of the seat that looks gray in the picture looks more like a very light blue and very pretty. I like that the cup trays are removable from both seats to allow for car seat placement. The front seat doesn’t recline all the way but I couldn’t find a double stroller in my price range that both seats did. It goes back far enough that I think it would still be comfy for sleeping. I love that the back seat reclines all the way. This way baby can be reclined/sleeping in his carrier in the front and my 2yo can still nap in the back seat if needed. One cool part about the back seat bassinet option is there is a flap that you can velcro up so that bottle/toys/blanket don’t fall out the front (would only go into basket below but still nice) It would be nice if the recline positions were adjustable as they each only have up or down but options seem comfy. With baby in front and toddler in the back they will be facing each other which could be good or bad. But there’s always the option to switch them too. The storage basket is a nice size and I like accessability from the back. Only problem is you can’t really access it when the back seat is reclined. My daughter tried to stand up in the basket underneath (not strapped in bc just trying it out) so we will have to see how the durability is there. I have a Baby Trend car seat which although it doesn’t click in it sits deep enough in the seats that I think it will work just fine. It’s a little more difficult to get into the back seat but that’s bc it hits the parent storage compartment and cup holder on the handle but I think that would happen with any seat you use. There is only one cup holder for the parent. My single stroller has two which is nice when mom and dad are both out with baby. My other also has an adjustable handle which is nice bc I’m only 5’2” so I use the lower option but this one still seemed comfortable. The window in the back to see the child is low so you have to stoop down to see through it and there isn’t one in the front seat canopy so you can’t see that child if the canopy is up. Folding is simple. It is large and bulky but it’s a double stroller! I still think it’s pretty light for how big and versatile it is. I saw in a you tube review that when side by side with a jogging stroller that they are very comparable in length when unfolded. When folded my single jogging stroller fits nicely side to side or front to back in the back of my Honda Pilot with the third row down. I think I will be fine with this one but the back seat canopy does not come off which adds 8-10” when folded compared to my jogging stroller so I think fitting it into a car trunk will be tough (my jogging stroller fit but was difficult in my Mazda 6 and it had a large trunk) and I don’t think it will fit front to back in mine. I compared this stroller with Baby Trend sit n stand and Grace Room2Grow and after lots of research chose this one bc Baby Trend front seat didn’t really recline so if carrier in back toddler wouldn’t be able to be comfortable. When carrier in front and using the bench seat the front seat was back so far that space for the child in the bench seat is infringed making him/her sit up straight and looked uncomfortable. There seemed to be similar issues with space between the seats on the Graco option. I think this one will be comfortable for both children regardless which formation you use. My daughter is 2.5yo. She’s small but fit in the back seat comfortably with the front reclined for baby seat. Overall I really like this stroller. I think the few issues I mentioned won’t be that big of a deal, just wanted to point them out so others are aware.
    Edit: Now that I’ve used it for a month I still love this stroller. I have been using the bassinet/back seat for my newborn so that he is not strapped into his car seat the whole time and he sleeps well plus a bottle, blanket, teddy bear all stay inside. It only has one parent cup holder, 2 would be nice. When back seat is in bassinet style it’s almost impossible to get into the storage basket without taking baby out or make him sit up but you can get to it between the seats. Had it in heavy gravel recently which was difficult but that’s the small wheels compared to my jogging stroller.

  3. Eduardo Alvarez

    Excelente Producto!!! Me encanta!! Fácil de armar, fácil llevar, mis hijos vas superar cómodos, incluso si se duermen. Tengo uno de 4 y uno de 1 año y cualquiera de los dos cabe en el asiento de atrás que se reclina totalmente para que duerman un rato. Es un gran producto a un super precio y excelente calidad.
    Para transportarla en auto si es muy grande, la verdad no cabe en cualquier cajuela.

  4. RLK

    Tons of Room! This is a really nice stroller for multiples! Great for single moms, or moms who run errands by themselves, because it’s easy to assemble (assembly required out of the box) and use! I took it for a spin yesterday with a toddler and an infant in a car seat, and it was wonderful to be able to get out of the house and take care of some errands without needing my husband.

    A few things to note:
    1. This stroller folds easily with one hand! That being said, when it folds, you need to remember to fold your front canopy forward before collapsing, and if you are reclining the rear seat to accommodate an infant car seat, you will need to recline it when you unfold it (the seat pops back into upright position when the stroller is folded). Also, when it folds, the stroller folds forward, and ends up laying on the ground, so if you have mobility issues or have a hard time leaning over to pick things up, this may not be the stroller for you. It is not heavy, but it can be a bit cumbersome to lift it into your car.
    2. This stroller is HUGE. It is very long (not sure of the dimensions, but it’s gotta be 4-5 ft. long in upright position). It will fit in the front doors of shops if you’re out and about, but since it is not a compact model, it’s length could be an issue some places. I had it in a small second hand store, and was able to move it about easily.
    3. If you have a large toddler (my almost 2 year old is 30 lbs.) sitting in the front, it can make turning a little harder because of the weight. I’m assuming once baby brother catches up a bit more and the weight is more easily distributed, this won’t be an issue. Not a big enough problem to make me not like the stroller though.
    4. When the rear seat is reclined to fit the infant car seat, the rear access to the basket is pretty much blocked. However, you can still access the basket in the middle between the front and rear seats. This can be remedied by putting the car seat up front (if it will fit) or hanging stroller bags on the stroller for carrying things. Once the infant car seat is no longer needed, I’ll have tons of storage space though!

    Over all, I really like this stroller, and I’m really glad I bought it!

  5. Taila Bradshaw

    Great buy! We bought this stroller for my twins. We have been using it for 3 months. I was worried it wouldn’t fit in the trunk of my small compact SUV but it does. It can sometimes be a pain to fold back together but otherwise we really love this stroller. Great for the cheaper range. Would definitely recommend.

  6. Savymom101

    I bought this because I have a 8month old and a big 4 year old. I’m currently being a “single mom” while my husband is deployed for 10 months and we live overseas without any help in a apartment building. So having this has been a life saver for me. It’s easy to fold, light weight, quick to put together and amazing for my baby to take naps while out.

    My four year old has always been in the upper 90% for everything since birth, I say that because he’s tall and his head hits the canopy and annoys him and I havent found a way to take it off without ruining it. My oldest is 48lbs and my youngest is 29lbs with the weight of both boys this stroller still is easy to manage with one hand while carrying book bags, groceries, or other objects.

    I sold my baby trend wagon for this and I 100% prefer this over the wagon. The wagon was great don’t get me wrong however, with both my kids being tall they were fighting with who was touching who and I had zero room for anything else.

    The only CON of this stroller is the back seat, when it’s laid down you can’t access the storage underneath.

    If you are considering buying this. Do it, do it now.

  7. Keryanna

    I love this stroller so much. Bought this at a REASONABLE price, better than anything you will find at a local store!! The quality is amazing. My kids love this. But I think I love it more than them.

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