Graco Ready2Grow 2.0 cityselect double stroller: A Versatile Solution for Twins and Growing Families

As a parent of twins, you know the challenges of finding the perfect stroller that accommodates your little ones comfortably. The Graco Ready2Grow 2.0 City Select Double Stroller is designed to make your life easier. Offering a range of seating options and convenience features.

Pros. and cons. for Graco double stroller city select:

Pros for these strollers twins:

Compact and Easy to Transport: This double stroller city select is a game-changer when it comes to transport and storage, making it a top choice among Strollers Twins. Despite its capacity for two children, it folds down to a size comparable to a single stroller. This is especially beneficial for parents who need to fit it into smaller car trunks or store it in limited spaces.

Multiple Seating Options: The Graco double stroller Ready2Grow 2.0 comes with two stroller seats. A bench seat, and a standing platform. This means you have a variety of options to cater to your twins’ changing needs as they grow. Whether they prefer sitting or standing, this stroller has them covered.

Close-to-You Rear Seat: The rear seat is designed to keep your baby close. Making it easier for you to interact and connect with them during your outings. It’s a valuable feature for maintaining that important parent-child bond.

Car Seat Compatibility: If you have infant twins, you’ll appreciate that this stroller is compatible with all Graco infant car seats and can accept two car seats simultaneously. This makes it an excellent choice for twins from birth.

Cons for this twin stroller:

Weight: Due to its double-seating capacity and versatility. The Graco Ready2Grow 2.0 may be on the heavier side compared to some single strollers. Which could be a minor inconvenience when lifting it into a car or maneuvering in tight spaces.

Size: While the stroller folds down to a compact size for a double. It might still be bulkier than some single strollers. A factor to consider when navigating crowded areas.

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The Graco Ready2Grow 2.0 City Select Double Stroller is a practical and versatile choice for parents of twins. Especially for those in need of Strollers Twins. Its compact folding, multiple seating options, and car seat compatibility make it a valuable addition to your parenting toolkit, helping you navigate the joys of raising twins with ease.

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14 reviews for Graco Ready2Grow LX 2.0 Double Stroller Features Bench Seat and Standing Platform Options, Rafa

  1. Blanca

    Por el precio, está bastante bien la calidad, se dobla fácilmente, no está tan grande como otras carriolas dobles

  2. Shauna Stathopoulos

    Just got this stroller for our babies that will be two under two. I am very happy with it. It is heavy duty. Although not incredibly light weight, no high quality stroller is for two kids. It does fold nicely, I can easily fit it into the back of the Prius with extra room. And I can lift it in and out by myself and I’m 36 weeks pregnant. It was easy to assemble, actually works super great for just one kid at a time too, since baby sister isn’t here yet. I love that the visor for the Sun is adjustable In the front because my son doesn’t like the sun in his eyes. I would say it’s great for city and walking tracks. Not the stroller if you do a lot of off roading, but great for the normal day to day. We don’t have a compatible car seat for the front clip, but if your toddler is still fairly young, you can just sit them in the higher seat and place the car seat in the lower one. Which works great for us, because we had kids so close in age. No reason to have to replace a car seat that is still good.

    Overall super happy! If you are looking for a good, compact double stroller, this is your fit. If you want something for off roading or that is really really light weight, maybe keep looking.

  3. daniel nieves

    Expecting twins and bought this one instead of a side-by-side because I would be able to get through doorways easier. I assembled it by myself, so it was really easy. The manuverability on it is great and feels smooth! It is compact when folded. Please keep in mind it’s a double stroller so it is going to take up more space in your vehicle. I absolutely love this and cant wait to use it with my babies.

  4. sandi

    It’s so easy to put together! I bought this for my bestfriend who is due with baby #2 in 16 days. I put it together for her and it was so easy and it folds and opens so smoothly. such a nice stroller

  5. Jennifer Douglas

    Fast shipping and great stroller. My daughter has been eyeballing this one for quite some time and it came up on a good Black Friday deal, and she was a little upset just because she has wanted this one for awhile and right when it gets a great sale she has no money for it. She currently has an 8 year old, a 2 year old and one on the way and they frequently walk the 8 year old to school so she is really going to need this, so we went ahead and purchased it for her since she had her heart settled on this one. She received it today and showed me pictures of how nice it is and the one and only complaint she has is that, when the older baby is sitting in the primary seat, she will not be able to unfold the umbrella entirely while the new baby is in the carrier part. She knows she will be able to use a blanket to cover the toddler from the sun, but still, it should be more friendly with that. Other than that, this is a fantastic stroller and in her words, “when I tell you it is seamless and so easy to fold, I mean just exactly that and it is perfect!”. I have no regrets about the purchase of this stroller for her because I have trusted the Graco brand since I had my first baby. The price is really reasonable so I have no problems recommending this one as well. I hope this review is helpful.

  6. Adri

    I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old.

    The price!
    Super easy fold and unfold (click handles to fold and one latch to unfold)
    Huge bottom basket
    Maneuvers great
    Takes one hand to recline the front seat
    Small top seat is quick and easy to remove
    This does the job and if I ever need a new wheel, I know I can purchase it and get a lot of life out of it without paying $500+.

    Slightly shallow front seat. I can see how squirmy kids can try to slide off.
    When the front seat is reclined, the other kid cannot sit on the toddler seat because it will hit their back.
    Strolls best on smooth surfaces like the mail or concrete.
    Small rear facing seat does not recline.
    I can see how it could topple if your toddler tries to push or hang from the handle while your baby is up top. (Directions advise to keep a few pounds in the bottom basket to prevent).

    Different strollers for different things!
    Love my double Bob because it’s like driving a Cadillac and the seats fully recline.
    Hope this helps!

  7. EB242

    Being a mother with two small children I won’t leave my home without it. It folds so easy and I love the variety of ways it can be adjusted. It was easy to put together, everything snaps into place so no tools needed and it is light so easy on parents to carry around.

  8. Christine Tanner

    Perfect perfect perfect. This is the one you want. Slides like a dream, you can get in and out of anywhere, lightweight, and all the various options for set up are doable and easy enough, I just went through all of them. Just love it. Make sure your graco car seat is “click connect” if you want to just snap in the car seat sometimes. Most of them are “click connect,” but just make sure. If not, I’ve read some people say they sell adapters, I just wouldn’t know about that since I bought a graco car seat on purpose to go with this stroller.

  9. Happy Customer

    The stroller is heavy. The upper seat doesn’t recline. So, for my 4 month old it’s a bit annoying because she’s still working on head support and I can imagine that’s not a comfortable position to fall asleep it. Of course if you’re using a carrier instead of the seat for the upper position this is a mute point. Overall, I’m pleased with it. My 2 year old enjoys the different ways she’s able to ride (seated, back stool, or standing). I recommend.

  10. Ariel del

    It’s a good double stroll for the price. I’m using it as a travel stroller so if it gets banged up I won’t cry like I would over a 1k stroller. Chico doesn’t have good a double stroller option so I got creative. I will have an infant and two year old and a Chico infant car seat. It goes right on the top (you take off the seat cover off and it clicks in the Greco I can’t seat but others will sit on top pretty good!!) I love it as it is self standing when folded up. I do wish the bottom seat was bigger.

  11. Jen

    Everyone told me not to waste money on a double stroller, but a deal is a deal, and I caved, buying it when it was discounted. No regrets! This stroller is amazing! Easy to open and close, easy to store, and by that I mean, seriously, this thing is still like the minivan of strollers, big, practical, but a bit of a tank. So it’s not meant to be easy, and they did a fantastic job of making it easy to work with. The steering is strangely agile, tires can handle off roading, limited ground clearance though so don’t go crazy. The storage space is INSANE! Seriously one of the main reasons I got it. I love having my littlest one facing me where I can tend to him, and my toddler loves looking out at everything. One complaint I see a lot is the gap at the back of the front shade. Yes, there is a sizeable gap at the back, so your kid could get their neck sunburnt. If this is an issue, I’d recommend just draping a blanket over the shade, there, fixed. The front seat does recline too, to allow kids to nap. I only did that once, and the kid was so enthralled by the comfort and luxury, she couldn’t nap. Oh well! Keep in mind, while the storage is incredible, there are only two cup holders and no other storage for keys, phone, etc. Not a deal breaker for me, but it might be for some. And the cushions on the shoulder straps easily come off, I lost one at the airport, not a big deal just like to make people aware, maybe take those off if you’re flying. Also, great airport stroller! As long as they don’t send it to baggage claim ahead of you, which defeats the purpose! (That was a long walk…)

  12. Happy Customer

    I loved how easily I was able to assemble it at 35 weeks pregnant. My 2.5yr old daughter fits comfortably in the front seat and likes the bench seat as well. I originally purchased the baby trend double stroller and returned it because my 2.5 year olds head would hit the top seat and she would complain. This one fits so well, there is more room for her to sit in the front seat, even to recline without dealing with hitting her head. It is compatible with all Graco SnugRide infant seats. I had saved it from previous baby which was a big PLUS not having to spend an additional $200 for an infant seat. It rides really smoothly and feels sturdy. I am really in love with this stroller. Once baby comes I will update. The perfect stroller for a toddler and a new baby

  13. Alan Cottle

    It’s pretty light even with a 30 pound child and a 10 pound baby. I can push it up the incline around our neighborhood without much trouble. I’m a grandmother in 60’s and I’ve tried other strollers and wagons to walk the neighborhood. This stroller meets all of our needs the best! Highly recommend this product. It’s very versatile and sturdy.

  14. Stephine

    1st of the wheels I really like how thick they are it’s going to make turning so easy
    2nd I love how easy it is to fold up and put away
    3rd everything was so easy to assemble !!!
    Really love how this all black looks really glad I got it !!! my 2 year old and baby on the way are going to ride so comfortably. I got the car seat that Amazon suggested to buy together

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