Best double stroller for twins X2, side by side stroller for twins, large storage basket, blueberry. Fits via usual doors and navigates slender checkout lines.

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Adjustable additional-huge sun protection canopy with a peek-a-boo window for the twins.
Every seat can independently recline in infinite positions. Adjustable footests.
Built-in, removable bumper bar. Snack trays that can be purchased.
One-hand fold, fits in such a lot trunks. Open Size: 32″ x 30″ x 44.five”, Folded Size: 35.five” x 30″ x thirteen”. For more details about Joovy scooter twins stroller visit also Amazon.

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6 reviews for Joovy ScooterX2 Double Stroller Featuring Dual Snack Trays, One-Handed Fold, Multi-Position Reclining Seats, Adjustable Leg Rests, and 2 Zippered Pockets for Storage, Blueberry

  1. E

    LOVE the tall seats! My son is 3 and very tall. We have our second baby coming soon and I knew I wanted a double for things like zoo trips, Disney, etc. I shopped around for about 6 months trying to find a side by side tall enough to accommodate my son for several more years on big trips.

    After shopping/researching for a while, I was discouraged to learn that I’d probably have to dish out over $500 on the city mini GT double which has a seat height of about 21″. And that was when I found this Joovy scooter x2!!!

    The seats are just as tall as the city mini GT. As far as I can find, they are amongst the tallest on the market for a double. My tall 3 year old fits amazingly and he will fit comfortably for several years!!!! I am thrilled!

    This thing is so easy to push. It doesn’t feel much wider than a single stroller when pushing and it turns on a dime. I know there are some negative reviews about the wheel size but that problem has been fixed. This new version has bigger wheels and they seem very durable. This stroller goes down our gravel driveway and through grass extremely easily. A bonus is that you can lock the front wheels to add stability on more rough terrain.

    The basket. It’s huge. There is so much storage in this thing plus parent cupholders! It’s amazing for the price of this thing!!!

    I do have three minor cons to add:

    I wish so badly that I could click my daughter’s infant carrier into this stroller. Again, I could have gotten the city mini GT and been able to buy an adapter. But I also would have been dropping over $600(stroller plus adapter)… I spend a lot of $$$ on not 100% necessary baby gear but over $600 on a stroller is still ridiculous to me.

    To solve the problem, I bought an infant snuzzler and the seats fold almost flat in the Joovy so we will make due.

    My second con is that the thing is heavy. Folding and lifting it is kind of a pain but I’m also 7 months pregnant right now so that is a factor. It weighs 32 lbs so, for a double it’s not horrible. I did expect it to be heavy so this is a minor complaint. It’s not any better or worse than any of the other side by sides that I folded/lifted in stores.

    And, finally, the extremely large basket is hard to access on one side if you have a seat laying fully reclined. I’m not even sure how they could avoid this problem, I love that the seats recline almost flat and I wouldn’t want to give that up. The basket access is just something that I notice because my soon to be born infant’s seat will need to be fully reclined at all times. You can definitely work around the problem, even if you just use half of the basket you still have plenty of storage space. If you have two small infants and need both seats reclined all of the time, it might be a bigger issue. However, I would still highly recommend this stroller. There are two huge zippered pouches on the backs of the seats for another storage option.

    Overall, my complaints are very small and the pros outweigh the cons by far. I really LOVE this stroller and feel you get a lot of bang for your buck with it.

  2. Marcela Zarate Olvera

    Muy bonita y practica. Me encanta est carreola!
    Estando embarazada de mis gemelos compré en Liverpool con mega ofertas una carreola doble de tren, es decir un bebé adelante y otro atrás, y se me hizo muy practica de recién nacidos y hasta el año, pero ya de más grandecitos el bb que iba atrás se asomaba todo chueco y yo no paseaba agusto pensando que iba torcido mi bebé, así que decidí buscar una carreola doble de side by side, y después de mucho buscar tanto calidad y precio decidí adquirir esta carreola, la compré en rojo porque era la más barata jajaja y con ofertas del buen fin y demás salió por $5,000 pesos creo, poco más de la mitad de mi primer carreola.
    Y es muy practica de manejar, me gusta mucho, no tengo problema para andar por banquetas o elevadores, incluso en escaleras eléctricas pongo el seguro de la carreola y no se va! Aunque nunca la suelto no hago esfuerzo, lo que no está tan padre es que no cabe por todas las puertas, y no es tan fácil de andar con ella de compras en tiendas por lo ancho que es, pero mis hijos no se quejan, ellos aman su carreola y se suben y bajan solitos con una sonrisa.
    La recomiendo por su calidad y precio.

  3. Kevin

    I’ve had my stroller since July. Normally my husband puts everything together for me, he is away for a while so I had to do it myself. Having a 1 year old and a new born is really hard to maneuver around without a double stroller. I been eyeing the joovy for a long time, originally I wanted the front and back double double because I’m afraid a side by side would be way too big for me and harder to get Into doors etc. this stroller has done me really good for the last month. I take my 5 kids everywhere. I placed an infant insert on one side. And I just place my newborn in it’s he sleeps in there just fine. The stroller both sides reclines all the way back which I loved and
    Was looking for, because of the newborn. Which is also why I chose this side by side over the front and back. I love how big the canopy is. That was one of the must have on my stroller Check list. I haven’t many compliments on my stroller and the babies love it. They also love resting on the handle bar, the moment I put the stroller together,
    My 1 year old climb right into it. And she hated being in her stroller. She had the travel evenflow. Now she enjoys her stroller. No problem. It fits in all aisle, it strolls smoothly I’m able to go through doors with no others there to help me. It fits in the back of my mini van easily with plenty of space left. The only thing I wish was different about this stroller is the storage basket. There’s short of a bar that Is dividing it into two. If you like separate storage basket then this wouldn’t be an issue at all, for me I Much rather it be one big basket just like how the canopy is 1 huge canopy. But there’s still plenty of space. Just remember when you fold he stroller both of the seats must be reclined all the way down in order for the stroller to fold. It reclines really smoothly compare to my current stroller which I paid $300.00 for my current single stroller. I hate the way mine reclines it’s not smooth at All, anytime my baby falls asleep and I try to recline it down she will wake up because it’s not smooth one bit, the joovy is super smooth she stays sound a sleep. Also the stroller sits all the way up 90 degree which my current one does not which is also another reason why my daughter hates sitting in her stroller. I highly recommend the joovy. Also I shop by reading other people’s reviews as I don’t have a lot of money to just throw away so I’m always careful when purchasing anything. I also don’t ever leave a review unless I really love it or really am disappointed. In this case I love it! I bought this stroller with my own money. Not sponsored or anything.

  4. Josue Delgado

    Es perfecta si tienes camioneta para llevarla. Hermosa y funcional carreola. Yo tengo gemelos y encontrar carreolas que satisfagan nuestras necesidades está muy difícil. Hemos pasado por dos marcas distintas y Joovy es la mejor, tuve la suerte de comprarla con un descuento, la carreola con un impermeable por menos de 6 mil. Todos los materiales son resistentes, es suave para manejar, tiene muchas bolsas útiles para guardar las cosas de tus hijos e incluso las tuyas como papás, me gusta que su capote es muy amplio, cubre muy bien los posibles ángulos en los que el sol pagaría a la cara de los niños. Se dobla súper fácil, cabe muy bien en las puertas promedio de un departamento o casa. Ojo, la carreola es amplia, y mi punto es para llevarla en el carro, yo tengo una camioneta y la meto sin problemas a la cajuela, me sigue sobrando espacio para meter más cosas, pero la verdad es que creo que sería muy incómoda, quizas en algunos carros pequeños no cabría en la cajuela y si cabe, te quitaría todo el espacio para llevar objetos adicionales. Fuera de eso, le doy 5 estrellas a todo, mis hijos se relajan bastante en sus asientos, son cómodos para ellos, todos los broches de seguridad son muy firmes, el freno si es un freno, no como un chorro de carreolas que el freno es bien frágil. La carreola se puede llevar en pisos lisos colo en el pavimento de la calle sin broncas.

  5. Mazza

    A really good buy.
    My granddaughter loves this for her 2 boys aged 1 and 2. She finds it easy to push as it is well balanced. She loves all the other features too.

  6. Michael Lynn

    Pros: Very light weight!
    Folds super fast and easy!
    Fits through my door ways
    Canopy covers great!
    Con: The basket underneath has a divider which limits space a little bit. Not much.
    My canopy came lopsided. I contacted Joovy customer service the same day it delivered. They replaced my canopy immediately. Amazing customer service!
    -I wish the foot rest was a tad bigger but it works.

    I would definitely buy this again!

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