Introducing the latest member of the Nintendo Switch family

Play at home at the TV or on-the-go with a vibrant 7-inch OLED screen. With the New Nintendo Switch OLED Model system. Along with a new screen with vivid colors and sharp contrast, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model features a wide adjustable stand for more comfortable viewing angles. A dock with a wired LAN port for TV mode (LAN cable sold one after the other), 64GB of internal storage, and enhanced audio in Handheld and Tabletop modes the use of the system’s speakers.

More about the New Nintendo Switch OLED Model w/ White Joy-Co

The Nintendo Switch – OLED Model with White Joy-Con is an upgraded version of the beloved Nintendo Switch Joy Con gaming console. With a host of new features and improvements, it offers an enhanced gaming experience for players of all ages.

Here are the pros and cons of the Nintendo Switch Joy Con


1) Vivid 7” OLED Screen: The standout feature of this model is its stunning 7-inch OLED screen. It delivers vibrant colors, sharp contrast, and deeper blacks, enhancing the visual experience for both handheld and tabletop gaming.
2) Local and Online Multiplayer: The new Nintendo Switch has always been known for its multiplayer capabilities, and this model is no exception. It supports local co-op with friends and family in the same room and online multiplayer for gaming with friends from afar.
3) 64 GB Internal Storage: With 64 GB of internal storage, you have plenty of space to store your game library and downloadable content. It’s worth noting that a portion of this storage is reserved for system use.
4) Enhanced Audio: The improved audio quality in handheld and tabletop modes enhances immersion in your gaming experience, making it even more enjoyable.
5) Wide Adjustable Stand: The wide and adjustable stand on the back of the console provides stability and flexibility when playing in tabletop mode. You can find the perfect viewing angle for your comfort.


1) Price: The Switch OLED Model is priced higher than the standard Nintendo Switch models. While it offers several improvements, the price difference may be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers.
2) No Significant Internal Hardware Upgrade: While the OLED screen and enhanced audio are notable improvements. This model does not feature a significant internal hardware upgrade. It uses the same CPU as the standard Switch models, which means that game performance remains largely the same.

In summary, the Nintendo OLED Model w/ White Joy-Con is a visually impressive and feature-rich gaming console. Its OLED screen, multiplayer options, ample storage, enhanced audio, and adjustable stand contribute to an enjoyable gaming experience. However, potential buyers should weigh the higher price tag against the enhanced features and consider whether these improvements align with their gaming preferences and budget.

* There could also be software where the game experience may differ. Because of the new capabilities of the system, such as the larger screen size.

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4 reviews for Nintendo Switch – OLED Model w/ White Joy-Con

  1. Benny R. Tate II

    After ordering this, before it was delivered, I was reading some reviews and I had become worried. I was worried because some people said they received China edition OR they were unsealed boxes, implying they were refurbished or clones.

    My order was fulfilled by, sold by and shipped through US company. The product that arrived was the USA edition with the USA power adapter. And the serial number bar code in the cardboard “window” was still there. That is expected and that was good to see.

    I also did a little research regarding how Nintendo ships their OLED Switches. They do NOT ship with the box shrink wrapped. So if you are concerned about getting a non-shrink wrapped packaging, don’t worry because that is normal.

    Also, the corners of the box had a little indentation and even very slight tear right at the corners, but that is also normal. That is how mine came and I’ve viewed alot of other Switch OLED unboxing and they all had similar appearance. So don’t fret.

    However, if I did receive a China edition packaged with a US power adapter converted, I would’ve definitely sent it back because that’s not what I ordered and who knows where it came from or if it’s a Chinese clone, etc.

    Anyways, back to the “review”. I’m a 53 yr old oldtime gamer. I was raised on Atari 2600, Intellevision, Super Nintendo, Plastation 1-3, N64, XBOX 1st gen through Xbox One-S. Then I stopped playing video games because I was getting neck aches from looking up at a TV all the time when I’m not working.

    Today I’m getting back into gaming! So happy and I can sit in my nice comfortable leather chair and play my games again! Next I may get a steamdeck, but I think this Switch will be my go to for quite some time 🙂



  2. Robert Jorgensen

    I purchased my switch months ago and I absolutely love it! Compared to the standard model the slight size increase on the OLED screen really makes a difference! Me and my girlfriend like to play co-op games together and the switch has a vast library of options and they are often very affordable. I do sort of regret buying the white one, being that I do construction and mechanic work. This results in stains on the joycons from my hands. I do thoroughly wash my hands but if you are in my trade you understand it is near impossible to scrub off every little stain. As a result, after hours of gaming the joycons will become stained eventually.

    You might feel like you’re paying a lot but if you like playing co-op or indie games, the switch (in my opinion) has no rival. Also how can you beat the portable capability?! Lots of fun to be had here and I highly recommend it!

  3. Chadwick

    The Switch OLED is better than the 2017 Switch model. While having it docked doesn’t change much, the handheld mode is way better. The screen is an improvement and the battery life lasts longer. It even has double the storage space over the original. It’s a must have.

  4. Happy Customer

    I love my switch. The graphics run much smoother on OLED. It was totally worth the purchase! If you’re going to buy a switch, go all the way with the LED. I own all 3 versions, the original, two lites and the OLED and I love the OLED the most! Quick delivery, brand spanking new. If you’re going to get one be mindful of the country you buy it from, as it will impact you. Meaning, you don’t want a version not made for USA if you live here as the charging components will not work. Outside of that you’re good to go!

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