Unlock Effortless Styling with TYMO Hair Straightener Brush Ring Plus Ionic Hair Straightening Brush.

Introducing the TYMO Ring Plus, a revolutionary hair straightening brush that combines innovation and style. Designed with cutting-edge features, this hair straightener brush is equipped with a patented teeth design and a nano-titanium coating, ensuring a seamless styling experience. Glide through your hair effortlessly from root to tip in a single stroke, achieving sleek and straight locks in no time.

Key Features for this TYMO hair straightener brush:

  • Advanced Temperature Control: TYMO Ring Plus offers 9 precise temperature settings (250℉~410℉), providing versatility for various hair types. The LED display makes it easy to choose the perfect temperature for your styling needs.
  • Ionic Care for Healthy Hair: With built-in double ionic generators, this hair straightener brush releases 3 million negative ions. Experience improved moisture retention, natural shine, and reduced breakage for healthier-looking hair.
  • Innovative Button Design: TYMO Ring Plus features a new sunk button design to prevent accidental switching off during styling. Enjoy the flexibility to straighten your hair from different angles without interruptions.
  • Safety First: The anti-scald surface and auto shut-off feature ensure your safety. The thermal insulation frame prevents excessive heat, and the brush shuts off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Upgrade your styling routine with the TYMO Ring Plus Ionic Hair Brush Straightener. Elevate your look while enjoying the benefits of advanced technology and hair care.

Pros and Cons for the TYMO Hair Straightener Brush:


  1. Effortless Styling: Patented teeth design allows seamless straightening from root to tip in a single stroke.
  2. Swift Heat Transmission: Nano-titanium coating ensures rapid and uniform heat distribution for quick styling.
  3. Temperature Flexibility: Nine precise temperature settings (250℉~410℉) cater to various hair types.
  4. Intelligent LED Display: Easy temperature monitoring for a personalized and fabulous hairstyle.
  5. Ionic Care: Built-in double ionic generators release 3 million negative ions, enhancing moisture retention and reducing breakage.
  6. Enhanced Safety: New sunk button design prevents accidental switching off during use.
  7. Anti-Scald Feature: Thermal insulation frame prevents excessive heat, ensuring safe operation.
  8. Auto Shut Off: Turns off automatically after 30 mins, adding an extra layer of safety for you and your family.


  1. Limited Temperature Range: While the temperature range is versatile, it might not be high enough for extremely coarse hair.
  2. Price Point: It falls in a slightly higher price range compared to basic hair straightening brushes.

In summary, the TYMO Ring Plus stands out for its advanced features, providing efficient styling with safety and care in mind. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a professional-grade hair brush straightener.

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4 reviews for TYMO Ring Plus Ionic Hair Straightener Brush – Straightening Comb with Negative Ions, Titanium Coating, 9 Temp Settings & LED Display, Dual Voltage, Professional Styling Tools, Gifts for Women

  1. Irving J Buford

    I was amazed how easy it was to straighten my kids hair. I was able to get to the edges with no problem. This was the straightest I have even been able to get their hair. Left the hair soft and manageable. Great value, come with a brush, to go bag and two clips. It is easy to hold and you can adjust the temperature. Very happy with my purchase. I would recommend it.

  2. MTD

    This is a fantastic hair straightener. Easy to use. Does not leave my hair do flat that I have to try and give it volume after straightening. Only issue is the heat controls are right where your fingers are so I kept accidentally shutting the unit off. But, would still buy again.

  3. Beehive350

    I have true 4C hair so I was a little skeptical. I decided to try out just one little area just to see if it really works. I used it on only 350 degrees. I got so excited when I saw how straight my hair was getting with one pass over that I ended up doing my entire head quickly while on camera with my sister watching me. It was smooth and shiny. I only used a heat protectant. Now, it did snag a couple of times but I don’t know if this was because I let my hair air dry or didn’t detangle it properly or what. Next time I will prep my hair a little better and maybe try a little higher heat. I love it. Now all I need is a good humidity blocker to keep my hair from reverting too fast.

  4. Monique

    I am already loving this item! Bought it with same day delivery and had to use it immediately. After seeing how Lendy Lux used and recommended it, I had to and I have no regrets! My hair is 4B I think and I only needed one pass. Wrapped it last night and it still looks great today! A défini must have! My hair is straight and for the money spent, WELL worth it! As for ease of use, practice makes perfect!

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