Sleepless nights are a common rite of passage when parenting twins. Whether your twins came straight home or from the hospital or spent time in the NICU, they will be on a 3-hour around the clock feeding schedule. They often have their days and nights confused or you may be finding it difficult to put them down at all. As an experienced sleep consultant specializing in twins, I’ve witnessed, firsthand, the struggles parents face. I have compiled essential tips and strategies to help you navigate the world of twin sleep. At Tweet Dreamzz Sleep Consulting, we find that parents of multiples are often at their breaking point much sooner than parents of singletons, therefore, they are looking for sleep advice and coaching much sooner; around 4-5 months old.

Understanding the Dynamics of Twin Sleep

Twins, though sharing a womb, often have distinct personalities and sleep patterns. Recognizing and respecting these differences is crucial. While one twin might be a sound sleeper, the other might struggle with sleep disruptions. Because of this, popular sleep training courses and guides don’t always work or work as efficiently for twins. One twin may have a harder time self-soothing or connecting sleep cycles. When coaching families with twins we support them in this special dynamic and with the nuances of being a mom to twins.

Establishing Consistent Sleep Routines with Twins

Consistency is key in establishing healthy sleep habits for twins. Designing a consistent bedtime routine helps signal to the twins that it’s time to wind down.

Here is an example of a bedtime routine for twins 4 months and older:

  • Feed in a bright lit area while keeping babies awake.
  • Hygiene routine like bath, lotion, or massage.
  • Dress baby for bed in an outfit suitable for the season and a sleep sack.
  • Read babies a short book, say a prayer or sing a song.
  • Place twins in their separate cribs while awake using key words.

Syncing Sleep Schedules

Keeping your twins on the same sleep schedule is imperative so that you have a dedicated break. In addition, your twins are getting the sleep they need to grow and thrive.

Tips to keep your twins on the same schedule include waking them up at the same time each morning, following an age-appropriate wake window for both, and keeping the nap times synced up. If one baby wakes prematurely from their nap, wake the sleeping twin at maximum 20 minutes later to keep the next sleep time the same for both. If following wake windows, you can split the difference! To access my best sleep tips for twins, download sleep guide for twins that will walk you through 4 easy steps to help your twins sleep through the night.

Optimal Sleep Environment & Safety

Check with the guidelines where you live. In the United States & Canada, twins are recommended to sleep in separate sleep spaces such as a crib bassinet or pack n play. Twins can share a room, though! Place the cribs at least three feet apart in a dark room with white noise playing at a safe level.

Encouraging Self-Soothing Techniques

Teaching twins self-soothing techniques empowers them to fall back asleep independently when they wake during the night. Gentle methods such as the “pick up, put down” or the “fading” technique can gradually encourage self-soothing without causing distress.

Implementing a Feed and Sleep Schedule

A feed and sleep schedule can help regulate twins’ sleep patterns and allow your day as a mom to be predictable. Many of us thrive on a schedule! Coordinating feedings with sleep routines ensures that they are neither too hungry nor too full when it’s time to sleep, reducing discomfort and potential wakeups. The best way to start a schedule with twins is to follow an Eat-Wake-Sleep Pattern. This means your twins will eat after they wake up in the morning and after their naps, have their dedicated awake time, and then sleep again. The only exception to this sequence of events is before bed. Your twins will need a full feeding at least 45 minutes prior to going into their crib or bassinet. For more tips on how to start a schedule with twins, read this article from Tweet Dreamzz Sleep Consulting.

Seeking Support and Professional Guidance

Parents of twins should never hesitate to seek support. Whether it’s from family, friends, or professional sleep consultants specializing in twins’ sleep, having a support system can provide much-needed guidance and reassurance. Reach out to us at Tweet Dreamzz as the leading twin sleep experts. We offer one on one support for you as you navigate sleep training, implementation of schedules and routines and the journey to a better night’s rest for the entire family! Book a free call with one of our consultants today!

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About the Author:

Lindsay Loring, a certified sleep trainer and founder of Tweet Dreamzz Sleep Consulting, brings firsthand understanding as a former overwhelmed mom of twins. Passionate about helping families worldwide, she specializes in creating personalized sleep programs to meet specific goals, offering a local resource in St. Louis and Southern Illinois.

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