Twin Pregnancy Backache

Seeking Twin Mom Wisdom for Backache Relief! 🤰👶👶

Calling all the pros for some wisdom infusion. 📣 I’m a 33-week pregnant twin mom, and this backache is no joke! 😩💔

Twin moms, assemble! 🚀💕 Share your go-to postures or pillow arrangements that saved you from the twin pregnancy backache woes. Your advice might just be the comfort this mama-to-be needs! 🌈👩‍👧‍👦 Drop your advice below and help a twin mama out! 🙏💖

Twin Mom Answer about Twin Pregnancy Backache:

@rosesineadlavery : My advice is more rest / naps regularly (if you can) …I’m convinced this helped me with back pain and kept them in longer – reached 37+1 xx. Oh and a belly band to alleviate some of the weight x

@abrofox : Belly support band helped me so much!

@double_the_hugs_2018 : I had a back support for pregnancy and was amazing 🙌

@jmuhhhhhveeee30 : Belly band I hope this helps

Hot water bottle, pregnancy pillow, swimming (if you can)

@ainemkennedy : Oh I feel your pain on this one 😢. Hot water bottle, pregnancy pillow, swimming (if you can) and got a support band which was really helpful, was good for my pelvic girdle pain too. Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy

@jmuhhhhhveeee30 : Essential oils and lots of warm baths

@petitedrea13 : Belly band and chiropractor adjustments helped me so much

@auntie__cake : Chiropractic support much as you can!! It gets even worse after having them unfortunately. Any feeding support devices or pillows are greatly encouraged! I’d say the chiropractor then too but it’s difficult to get there!

@grandmillennial_mama : Hot Epsom salt baths! Chiropractor if you can..lots of pillows when resting

Reply: @cal_711 : @grandmillennial_mama I thought epsom salt was a no no for pregnancy?

@just_another_jen515 : Man I wish there was social media like there is today when I was pregnant with my twins lol. They were born at 39wks and 1 day and weighed 8lbs 11oz and 9lbs 15oz. I was SO uncomfortable, I couldn’t stand it. I was on a pregnancy board, but was the only one expecting twins. I would have done anything for advice like you amazing women are sharing. Hope this twin mama finds some relief. Everyone has made amazing suggestions.

@laurathematchmaker : I wish I had suggestions but took to bed rest at this time and used support pillows for when I slept on my side.

Sitting in a supported posture with hips above knees

@lolo_zandc : A belly band really helped me. Sitting in a supported posture with hips above knees is important. Always sleep with thick pillow between knees/ under knees. My back ache is terrible too but belly band helps when I gotta be on my feet. Rn the back ache is completely eclipsed by my pelvic pressure-pain. It’s literally debilitating I can hardly walk the last several days. 35w5d with twins. Good luck! ❤️❤️

@__818___ : At 33weeks After 3 days of back pain i called my doctor was told to come in and found out it was active labor. My contractions were im my back. No pelvic pain. Twins born 12 hrs after being admitted. Theyll be 12 in April. CONGRATULATIONS 🙏🏽🙏🏽

@iam.bodiedbyyakz : U shape pregnancy Pillow. Currently 34 weeks & this has helped so far x

Streching and exercising yoga

@imierozy : actually the best is streching and exercising yoga, as long as you can do it of course ☺️ it worked for me and I had almost no pain till the end of my twin pregnancy (38 weeks)

@nicole__eileen__ : I got adjustments from my chiropractor! The only thing that gave me any relief.

@liz.melon : Chiro if you can. Belly support band helped for a bit, then started to use kt tape when I got too big for it. Heat (with caution)!

@makingmeamother : Oh my gosh it was so bad I couldn’t sit for longer then 15mins. Heat helped. A @bbhugme pillow across my lower back when sitting or lying on the sofa. Also chiropractic adjustments massively helped me. Some yoga positions. But I started getting really bad back and rip pains then gave birth about a week later so I would say rest up! Take it easy if it’s starting to get bad. ❤️

@bexster319 : Get one of those support belts!

HEAT! I would sit in my desk chair with a heated pillow

@ssej26jess : HEAT! I would sit in my desk chair with a heated pillow behind my lower back and would have my heated seats on in the car. Honestly though, nothing takes that twin pregnancy back pain completely away!

Reply : @fortna4under4 : @ssej26jess did you ever try this at night too? I’m 33 weeks pregnant with twins too and wow it’s impossible to sleep compared to my single pregnancies

Reply : @ssej26jess : @fortna4under4 I did! I had one of those microwaveable heat pillows and I would wear high waisted maternity leggings to bed so that I could put the pillow under my leggings on my lower back.

@blooming_hijabi : Put pillow between your legs and use pillow wherever you need support

A wedge pillow under my bump when laying on my side

@roisinmc__ : I used a wedge pillow under my bump when laying on my side (can also just use a pillow) and a u-shaped pregnancy pillow

@hnawagner : I spent a lot of time in childs pose. Look up pregnancy friendly yoga positiond and modifications and see what works for you. As with everything else in pregnancy, listen to your body and check with doc if in doubt.

@the.kayla.matteson : Chiropractor that uses the Webster technique, kT tape, belt band and even comfortable/supportive shoes to wear around

@linnaecarissa : Reiterating some other moms… the Webster technique at a chiropractor is LIFE CHANGING!!!! Heat and a back brace also help!

@liancavw : I went in at 34 weeks with contractions and my twins were born at 35 weeks. It all started with back pain. I would also suggest bedrest

@allysonpiner : Belly band daily & chiropractor weekly, you got this!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

@annaksears : I used one of those pillows for sleeping that have a front wedge and a back wedge. The back wedge was the support I needed. And wearing a belly band for support under bump. : Find a chiropractor near you that specializes in the Webster technique and pregnant moms. 👌🏽

@cano.jessy : Currently in the same position, you’re not alone girl

Girl! Go to the doctor!

@flamesintofires : Pregnancy support band, Snuzcurve pillow with beanbag bit tucked under to support bump. Found sitting on a birthing ball more comfortable than my desk chair while working.

@bitchezh8sierra_ : Belly belt!!!!

@elle_ezechuk : 32 weeks and headed to my weekly chiro appt. Might be ramping up to 2x. Epsom salt baths too (took one last night), glute scoot, resting more and doing some yoga. I can’t walk around how I have been up to this point anymore.

@leslieegee07 : Girl! Go to the doctor! I was 34 weeks & I couldn’t with the back pain anymore I found out I was in active labor & was induced later that night. Trust your body your little ones are probably ready. Best wishes!

@starcheif58 : Squat

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