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Share your twins bottle feeding insights and help a fellow mom navigate through this challenging phase! 💬💕

🍼 Bottle Battle SOS: Twin Mom in Need! 🆘👶🍼

Attention Twin Parents! 📣 Our fellow mom is seeking your guidance. Her 3.5-month-old twin is giving a hard pass to milk, only taking 30ml before calling it quits. 😰 Share your experiences, tips, or any insights that might help her navigate this bottle refusal phase. Let’s come together as a twin parent community and offer some valuable advice to a mom in need! 🤝💙

Twin Mom Answer About Twins Bottle Feeding Insights:

@gmd_runs : It might be time to level up the nipple size. We just recently leveled up with our 3.5 month old twins because they weren’t eating all of their bottle and I think they were getting frustrated by the slow flow. It worked and they’ve had better feedings since!

@zina.curtean : Same here. Mines were 3 months & 1 week and when we switched to medium flow they started to eat more and have nicer awake times 👍🏼
Their mouth muscles were just getting tired on working so hard already.

@shabz4u : Thank you to all lovely moms for the replies. I have contacted her pediatrician and he has asked me to change the nipple size and method of feeding and to return to him after 15 days to see if there is any change. I really love you All mommies

@briwassinger : My boys stopped drinking all their milk, super fussy. Wound up being silent reflux. Pediatrician put them both on Famotadine (liquid low dose pepcid) and within a week both were drinking their full bottles. They also spit up alot and just very fussy.

Try upping the nipple size

@chelsmckoy : Yes – it was the same way for my twins. Try upping the nipple size and side lying pace feeding.

@emmy_do89 : There are a ton of potential causes for low intake, I would certainly try a higher flow nipple but would also contact your pediatrician ASAP as your child’s specific medical history is very important in context!

@soortje93 : Yes nipple size or a complete different bottle. A different bottle worked for 1 of my twin the other one was to hungry.😂

@vietmeierle : I would try changing nipple size to start… if that doesn’t help, you might want to consider contacting early intervention. We had major issues with our twins eating from birth. Weended up enrolling them in early intervention for occupational therapy. It really helped them and continues to help them today (11 months old).

@demim______ : Silent reflux for my boy

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