Breastfeeding has numerous gains for both the twin babies and the twins mother. There are a lot of materials in breast milk that can’t be found in cows’ milk. Also, there are less complications associated with breast milk than with cows’ milk.
It has been advertised time and time again that it is best for the twins babies if they are breastfed for the first six months even up to two years. So why is breast milk so beneficial for the twins? 1st of all, only breast milk contains colostrum which is vital for the newborn twins to take.
Commercially-made milks cannot simulate the colostrum made by a mother. The colostrum holds genuine antibodies and immunoglobulins that are in charge of a very important issue. Keeping the newborn twins free from illness for the first few months of their life.
Another advantage breast milk has over cows’ milk is that it allows the mother of twins to save as cows’ milk can be expensive. The twin babies can better conform to breast milk. Their stoll are not smelly and they don’t have any difficulty defecating compared to cows’ milk. Breastfeeding has also been certified to be one of the family planning methods that a family can observe.
Since breastfeeding has been placed so much significant, many twins mothers have been made aware. However, despite the awareness, many baby twins moms still report of breast problems associated with lactation. These dilemmas are more often than not, associated with inept breast feeding techniques. In order to lower down the incidence of breast related problems due to lactation. It is important that mom of twins observe the proper techniques of breast feeding. Ultimately, both the twins moms as well as the newborn twins will benefit from the proper observance of these techniques.

Twins breast feeding techniques

First of all, you need to prepare your breast for milk-production. There are various nipple exercises to perform in order to prepare your nipple to deliver the breast milk to your babies. One of these exercises would mingle routinely pinching the nipple.
2nd and what most twins mothers fail to realise is how to keep the nipple clean before the one of the twin baby (or both) latches on to it for feeding. When you plan to breast feed, you should abstain using soap on your nipple. If this can not be avoided, your nipple should be cleaned using a soft cloth soaked in clean water to make sure your nipple is clean before your twin baby’s feeds from it.
3rd and perhaps the most important step is to allow your twin babies to properly latch on to your nipple. You will know when your newborn twin is latched on properly when your baby twin’s mouth covers the entire areola and not just the nipples. It is essential that your baby twins should latch on properly so that they can properly stimulate the let-down reflex of your breasts wherein the milk will go down the ducts and out your nipple.
To aid your infant twins in latching on properly, you should make use of their rooting reflex. This is manifested in the 1st few months of life. You stimulate your twinnie’s cheek, near their mouth using your nipple and their head will automatically turn towards the stimulation. Their mouth will open and be ready for receiving your nipple. Once you’re done, you can aid your twins to stop latching on by inserting a clean pinky finger into the side of their mouth and propping it slightly open. Your baby twins will stop sucking and you can remove your nipple.

How to prevent sore nipples

Very important, to prevent sore nipples and breast engorgement you have to watch the total time your baby twin sucks with each nipple. It is generally advisable to spend 10-15 minutes each breast to ensure that the breasts are entirely emptied of milk. This will prevent breast engorgement. The next time your twin babies feeds on your breast, let your one baby feed from the last breast he or she fed on. This will completely empty the milk on that breast before you move on to the other breast.
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