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Twin parents, we need your insights! Our fantastic mom is wondering about the age-old question: Do you really buy two of everything ? 👶👶💸 Share your strategies, tips, and experiences. Did you go all-in on duplicates, or did you find creative ways to share? Let’s help each other navigate the world of twin parenting! 🛒🛍️ Share your experiences and tips in the comments! 🛒💬

Twin Mom Answer about – Twins do you really buy two of everything ?

@aliza_kennedy_ : We bought two swings and are so glad we did! My girls loves their swings!

@emilybearrow : It really depends on what you’re buying and how your kids do with sharing. For things like books, stuffed animals and toys – we rarely buy duplicates. Our girls do an excellent job of sharing with those kinds of things. For clothes, feeding items, backpacks, etc we do 2 of everything. In those cases, I color code so I know one color always corresponds to one twin. They also have learned that and are good at ensuring they each have the item of their own colors.

@sduran : Mine are only 7 months. Toys we do one of each. We got two baby brezas but it was because they were in different formulas. But now that they are on the same, we gave one to my for her house. FB marketplace was a lifesaver. I’m contemplating buying one or two shopping cart covers or the one that fits twins. My logic is I need two in case we go out to eat, they each have their own for a high chair. Thoughts???

@thegrannymama : 2 car seats, 2 cribs, 2 high chairs, 2 bouncy seats and 2 matching outfits (personal choice), but that’s it- everything else is shared 💕

Twins clothes 100% YES! Always matching!

@amandathreattrealtor : My 2 year olds fight over clothes if they are different colors, so yes!

@cinziacusco : Clothes 100% YES! Always matching! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

@the_future_is_yours_11 : I have two bouncers and two high chairs. Otherwise, I can’t think of anything that I bought two of. Unless we’re counting clothes.😂

@josefanyp : Food for four Jahahahah 😂 clothes for two

@gracyama : lol yes

@barnesk8 : Oh gosh, we have two diaper pails (one for each floor), two bouncers, a jumper and a skip hop station, one swing, two sit me ups. We always start with one, but if they both like it we get another. Marketplace is a life saver.

For a while we also had two of the little grass looking bottle drying racks and two Dr. Brown’s sterilizer machines. Now one of each of those has gone to my mom’s house.

Basic essentials you do need two. But toys, books they share.

@theganeshtwins : Basic essentials like cribs, rockers, cups, high chairs, carseats etc you do need two. But toys, books they share.

@page_mama : 2 changing tables!!! Or at least one in their bedroom and an area outside of their bedroom for changing. Carriers/wraps of some sort I’d suggest 2. Toys and such we only have 2 if someone else bought them.

@queen____von31 : Hello everyone thanks for the advice and comments facebook marketplace does have some nice cheap stuff but it’s all far all out a sister of twin girls don’t drive yet but I’m will to pay delivery fee or even shipping fee would y’all love ❤️ to help a sister out

I buy two of each outfit and sleep sacks etc but buy different toys

@donoreggivf_downunder : I buy two of each outfit and sleep sacks etc but buy different toys

@aparisas : If you have a two story house- I’d buy two diaper pails, so you’re not running upstairs/downstairs.

@bitchezh8sierra_ : Mostly, but not two each of toys . Some do some don’t, look on marketplace on Facebook for cheaper items. Only need one bath to bathe separately, use a bouncer in the bathroom to place one in while you bathe other . Two jumpers definitely at least one swing and one bouncer to alternate . 🙌

@miss_naaoomiii : Kind of but not everything!! Definitely need two bouncers, extra bottles, tons of diapers. A trash can in each room 🤪 2 high chairs. Matching outfits are always cute!:)
I only have 1 play mat for my twins & I just rotate them with it.

@queen____von31 : And plus my girls are only 6 months old I buy 2 of the same outfit even doe they are fraternal girls and look totally different when they get older I would let them decide that on there own

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