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Hey wonderful twin parents! 🌟 Our mom has conquered the teat size challenge, and her 3.5-month-old is sipping on more substantial amounts. 🎉 Now, she’s on the quest to boost her baby’s milk intake from 60ml every 2 hours. 🤔 Share your tried-and-true tips, tricks, and insights to help her smoothly transition into the next twins feeding phase. Let’s come together as a twin parent community and shower her with the collective wisdom of our experiences! 💬💙

Twin Mom Answer About Twins Feeding Phase :

@toby_and_the_twins16 : I would try getting you little one to go as close to 3 hours from starting the last bottle. My twins struggled afterwards many teat and milk changes. I would make a bottle let them drink what they wanted but try them again before it’s time to throw the milk out, they would then drink a small amount more and gradually managed more to 3 hours but drinking more. Hope this helps x

Reply: @shabz4u : @toby_and_the_twins16 Thank you 🙏 can you also advise how to manage this during night time feed should I wake her up to feed every 3 hours? As feed on demand didn’t work for her and she would go without milk for 5 hours

Reply: @toby_and_the_twins16 : @shabz4u is she on target for her weight? If she is then let her sleep , if she isn’t bjt is asleep dream feed her which is where you feed them whilst they are asleep. Feel free to message me if you want to chat x

I’d say keep it to 3hrs and increase the amount gradually

@maggicurls : Heyy well done!
I’d say keep it to 3hrs and increase the amount gradually and see how your baby responds to it, as if you increase the amount then it should be every 3 hrs initially, that’s how my twins were fed in the NICU as well…try to increase the quantity by 3-5ml every feed and that how we continued as well. Now twins are 9 months and we just tried this. Hope this helps 🤗🤞🏼

Reply: @shabz4u : Thank you but how to increase milk by 3-5 ml ?? How would I prepare the formula milk then?

Reply: @maggicurls: @shabz4u Heyy..
If you’ll struggle to increase by 3-5ml (only required for early days) then gradually increase it weekly and see how it works.
I used to prepare the formula milk as required but added a little extra powder and water to increase quantity and also tried weekly increase. Both workerd but once they started growing I kept it to gradual increase. At times they finished entire feed but also refused. Just observe and see what works best for you. Hope it helps

@twinningdownunder : I would see a lactation consultant that supports bottle feeding for this type of advice. I have so many questions like why a faster teat? How old and who has advised bub needs to drink more? What has your child health nurse, dr or paed said?

@sineadj32 : If its a personal choice of wanting to go longer between feeds, I used to take mine out in the pushchair for a walk about 30mins before they were due to feed to stretch them longer, (my 4 have always settled well in the pushchair), then as we could increase the time between feeds they would take more, in the end taking more meant they’d go longer between feeds without pushchair intervention. My second born daughter was also on a fast flow teat by 4 months, she would just collapse all others 🤷🏻‍♀️

@shabz4u : Waiting to get your expert advise

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