Twins feeding scheduleAbsolutely, every family’s journey with twins is unique! 💕 Finding a feeding schedule that suits your babies and allows you to get some rest is essential. What works wonders for one family might not be the best fit for another, and that’s perfectly okay.

Parenthood is all about finding your own path and embracing what works best for your little ones. Here’s to flexibility and doing what’s right for your family! 🍼💤

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@happi_nappies : Definitely baby led all the way. Although we did wake ours for feeds until around 8 weeks old as they had very slow weight gain. You will find they are likely different in lots if things and it is hard not to compare, but try to remember each baby is different!

@sjrwomack : This is so helpful to think about, thank you. Our twins are due in two weeks and we’ve been discussing schedules, especially overnight, and comparing to our singleton. It’s overwhelming trying to figure it out. Good to be reminded that they might not follow the ‘rules’ and that they may dictate their own schedule and it’s ok if they’re different. Thank you ❤️

Reply: @briwassinger : @sjrwomack Do what works for YOU, your partner and your babies! You will always know best. Twins are trial and error. You may have to try some thing for a couple of weeks to see if it works and if not, you can always just try something else, nothing is permanent! Congratulations and good luck. I’m wishing you a beautiful birth 🤍

@meleibold : Such a good topic! We are currently learning what’s best. We, too, previously woke our babies every 2 hours as they were preemies. Then around 8 weeks they started sleeping 4-6 hours during the night. Feeding them separately has perks like individual cuddle time, especially during the day. But feeding them together is often convenient. Twin life is crazy but seriously the best. We try to do what feels right in the moment and have a flexible routine and not a rigid schedule ❤️

@katie_troake : We fed our twins every 3 hours together, they are 21 months now and they still do everything together. Me and my husband did shifts in the early days. He would do 8-2 and I then did 2-wake up, so you got a block of sleep. This saved us.

Reply : @rachelflesburg : @katie_troake what did the solo feeding look like? We want to do shifts but wonder how to do with one set of hands. Would you feed each individually?

Reply : @katie_troake : @rachelflesburg so we have a double feeding pillow you were able to sit in front of it and hold each bottle when they got a bit older we held the bottles with blankets. They still sit and have their milk in the pillow now and they are nearly 2 😂

@bolide1923 : My twins
One will have a meal every 3-4hrs
Another one will be 4-5hrs and will 2-3hrs at evening time
So they have their own schedule 🍼

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