Twins medical issues and colic

🌈 Navigating the Uncharted Waters of Twin Parenthood! 🚀💪 Twins medical issues and colic

Hey amazing twin parent tribe! 🌟 Our warrior mom has just brought her twins home after a challenging NICU journey. One of her little warriors battles medical issues, while the other is dealing with colic. 😰💔 The road ahead seems daunting, and she’s reaching out for advice and solidarity. Twin parents, share your strategies, tips, and support on how you managed twins with different challenges. Let’s create a space of understanding and empowerment! 💬✨ Your wisdom could be a guiding light for a fellow twin mom. 🤗💙

Twin Mom answer about twins medical issues and colic

@Wright Susan (from Facebook) : My heart is with you!! It is hard. It’s tough and what you are going through seems impossible. I just want you to know this is the likely the most challenging time and that it won’t always be like this. It does get easier but it may get harder and then easier. I like the cold shower idea or even just 10 minutes to collect yourself or take a walk alone if someone can watch the babies. Having a moment to yourself is key and I hope you are able to have that. Wishing you the best of luck

@rhiannonquinton : Hello- mum of 3 month old twins here. One with colic and the other in a harness to treat hip dysplasia. I live away from family so I don’t have any support during working hours. I don’t have a magical solution but what works for me is to treat every day as a new day/blank slate. If I have a particularly tough day, I don’t worry about the next day being the same because it rarely is. I have to go into every new day with a positive mindset. Do something for yourself everyday, even just for 10 minutes (journal, exercise, long hot shower) and finally, if you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed. Leave them somewhere safe to cry for a few minutes on their own. I will give mine a hug, kiss, tell them I love them then set them down and walk away for a few minutes to regroup before i try again.
You’ve got this mama!!

Try to make it easy for yourself and expecting not so much of the day

@maggicurls : Heyy firstly congratulations you’ve done so great and still are!
I’ve been in the same situation from last year. One of my baby also needed medical attention and still do. I had my mum visit and staying with me for a few months soo definitely get help from family and friends if you can and do reach out for any additional help.
Mentally it’s challenging soo please don’t hesitate to talk about it with your people and ask for support.
You can message me personally if you like and can have a detailed conversation just to give you a better idea and help you in anyway possible. Take care. You’ve got it 🙌🏻

@marielledboer : Hey mom, you are doing really well. Try to make it easy for yourself and expecting not so much of the day. Did they sleep well or did you ate breakfast? That’s a win allready!! Maybe some family can help you with the twins, so you can take a nap? Maybe from somebody who lives close by who can do dyperchange, laundry etc.

@redrobincakery : Get as much help as you possibly can and don’t be scared to ask for it, don’t wait for it to be offered. If you need a break from the crying when you feel like you’re loosing your mind. Put them somewhere safe and take a minute. They will be okay. It will get better and soon be a memory ❤️

@tapa_2312 : My advice is to pull support from family and friends. Reach out for help from others so your not going to alone. If you have any money saved don’t hesitate to use some of it to pay for a reliable person to come in at least once a week to help for a few hours. Holding a baby while you shower or do some self care or clean, bottle wash laundry extra

It’s always okay to put the twins down in a safe space and walk away for a minute

@because.its.twins : Just remember that it’s always okay to put them down in a safe space and walk away for a minute. When I get super overwhelmed and anxious from all their crying, I’ve had to do this. I make sure they’re safe and then step away to collect myself. If you’re not taken care of, they won’t be either!

@winnie_and.the_twinnies : I don’t have great advice, other than just to take a deep breath and keep pushing through. Things will get better, it seems like it goes on forever but step by step it will get easier. My twins are now 18 months old. It’s been a huge battle with lots of illness, lack of sleep etc but I’m just starting to see the light. When mine were suffering with colic, sometimes I just went out in the back garden, shut the door to block out the sound and just listened to the silence. 🙈 Don’t try to achieve too much in a day, I have found twin life is lots of staying home- just try to get some fresh air when you can. I’m not sure if you have a partner at home, but if you do, when they come home from work go out for a walk or a little drive to clear your head. Xx

Take a deep breath and keep pushing through

Reply: @diana_1521 : @winnie_and.the_twinnies hi mom! My twins are 3 months old and it has been 2 months of so much crying while feeding only while feeding. I changed so many bottles and tried breast too. Nothing seems to be working. When I put them down they seem perfectly fine. I burp them often too. We’ve tried Pepcid in case they have reflux but it’s not helping either.. it’s hard to get them to drink more than 2-3 oz per feed. They sleep sooo much too. did you experience anything like this with your twins? Thank you in advance for some help 🙏🏼

Reply: @sreemoyeebiswas13 : @winnie_and.the_twinnies Yes since they were 10 days old, they drank different amount of milk, and now that they are into solids, they still eat different quantities and also sometimes different food as well

Reply: @winnie_and.the_twinnies : @diana_1521 it sounds like reflux to me, there are many remedies and I think different things work for different babies. Also look up side lying feeding for babies with reflux, it’s a different position which stops them drinking it down so quickly x

Take every day as a new day!

@kaitlin_darling : Something that I did just about every single day was go for a drive with the twins. This got me out of the house and I felt accomplished for getting them in the car 🤣 it really is the little things. I’d bring a snack and listen to a book, music or podcast using headphones. Sometimes call a friend. It really saved me!!

@page_mama : Take every day as a new day! I tried my best to keep the boys on a specific ‘schedule’, but realized quickly that having twins means being FLEXIBLE. Take time away if they are crying in a safe place. Cry if you need to. Most of my worst days were only that way because I groveled in my depression instead of eating and drinking and doing the things that I needed. If you ever feel on the edge, please reach out to me or ANYONE to clear your mind.

@sreemoyeebiswas13 : Hey Twin mom… just remember u have been chosen to be a twin mom… you are different from the rest… gather yourself up bcuz you are everything for your babies. They need you. You will do it. And trust me all this will ease within a couple of months. Stay strong mamma !!! We are always there for you ❤️

I feel better already reading all the positive comments

@dranita_ghadge : Thank you so much ☺️…I feel better already reading all the positive comments and great advice.. It feels so much better when you know you are not alone and you are not the only one going through this ❤️

@ang3licarobl3s : Do anyone else twins eat different amounts?

Reply: @dranita_ghadge : @ang3licarobl3s mine drinks about 80-100ml milk..and other has to be given strictly 60ml..she is very hangry

*Reply: @ang3licarobl3s : @dranita_ghadge 2 why strictly

Reply: @dranita_ghadge : @ang3licarobl3s that’s part of her medical issues

Reply: @ang3licarobl3s : @dranita_ghadge I see. I have one that eats 3 ounces and the other 5 ounces

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