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Everything you need to know for twins pregnancy and you were always too shy to ask.

Twin Pregnancy: Answers from an Expert

Did you know that a little more than half of twin pregnancies end in preterm delivery (before 37 weeks)? While 40 weeks is the full gestation period of the average pregnancy

Pregnant with twins? Learn more about Twin Pregnancy

Health professionals usually aim for twins to be born at 37-38 weeks unless problems develop earlier or there’s a good reason to delay birth. Also, did you know that non-identical (dizygotic) twins happen when 2 separate eggs are fertilised and then implant into the womb (uterus).

Things You Didn’t know For Twins Pregnancy

You are more likely to become pregnant with twins naturally when you are in your 30s and 40s.
Pregnancy with twins? you probably need extra folic acid.
For twins pregnancy you will need more doctor visits.
With twin pregnancies morning sickness may be worse.
During twin pregnancies spotting may be more common.
With twin pregnancies you don’t feel the twins kicking any earlier.
You may gain more weight than if you’re carrying one child, then if you’re pregnant with twins.
With twin pregnancies delivery may come early.
In twin pregnancies cesarean section deliveries may be more common.

Look after yourself. Pregnancy with twins can definitely be more tiring both emotionally and physically. In many ways, twins pregnancy is like all other single baby pregnancy. Healthy twins will develop same as a single baby does until… the last trimester. If you’re pregnant with twins, you’ll probably experience a shorter third trimester and deliver your babies a little early.

Twins? Triplets? Multiples? Here’s everything you need to know when you are pregnant with more than one baby.

Twin Pregnancy Health and Birth: What I Wish I Had Known

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Twins HCG Levels

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Twin Must Have Items

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Twin pregnancy week 33

Twin Pregnancy Week 33 -36 / Twin Pregnancy Week 37 -40

Twin Pregnancy Week 33 and up. By weeks 37-40, the babies will be considered full-term and ready for delivery. Women may experience more frequent contractions and may need to be monitored closely for signs of labor. They may also need to be prepared for the possibility of a C-section delivery if the babies are not… continue reading

Twin pregnancy week 25 -28

Twin Pregnancy Week By Week 25 -28 / Twin Pregnancy Week 29 -32

Twin pregnancy week by week. At this stage, the babies will be gaining weight rapidly, and their lungs will be continuing to develop. They will also begin to sleep and wake in regular cycles. With twins, the mother’s uterus may be more stretched and uncomfortable. And she may experience more fatigue and shortness of breath…. continue reading

Twin pregnancy week 17 -20

Twins Week By Week Pregnancy – Week 17-20 / Twin Pregnancy Week 21-24

Twins week by week pregnancy. By this stage, the babies will be fully formed, and their organs will be continuing to mature. The mother’s body will also continue to adapt to the growing fetuses, and the babies’ movements may become more noticeable. With twins, the mother may experience more discomfort due to the extra weight… continue reading

Twin Pregnancy Week 9 - 12

Week By Week Pregnant With Twins – Twin Pregnancy Week 9-12 / Twin Pregnancy Week 13-16

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