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Hey amazing twin parents! 🌟 Our fellow mom is navigating the wild world of twinhood solo. 🚀 Any advice on handling those twins simultaneous cries or preventing one twin from waking the other? Share your wisdom and let’s help a new twin mom out! 🤔💕

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Twin Mom Answer about Twins Simultaneous Cries:

@marijnrozema : I’m doing it alone too, mine are 5 months now. When they cried simultaneously, I comforted them in turns. It takes a lot of energy, but it will get better when they get older. And when you’re with one twin while the other one cries, I said to myself “i need to take care of this one now, but the other is in a safe place and I will get to him as soon as I can”. As long as they are in a safe spot, they sometimes just need to wait 👩‍👧‍👦 I didn’t force them in a simultaneous rhythm, it takes more energy but i feel it suits them better as individuals.

@kat_spalding_ : I feel you, our twins are nearly 8 months I can assure you it gets better, our twins were hardest until around 8 weeks and we tried sleep training and they weren’t having bottles every 2 1/2 hours, it’s hard having to feed them every couple of hours all day and night and when they are not in sync, but maybe if you haven’t already tried it when one wakes up feed both of them to try and sync them up as much as possible. We have some milky mates pillows to feed them and around 6-8 weeks their tiny preemie heads were big enough to use them, that was a game changer for us. We also started putting them down for naps during day at same time in their cot in bedroom, I also play music through the Alexa in their room white noise etc.

It does get easier

@dot_dad_of_twins : Ours eventually started to sleep through the other one crying. It does get easier 🙌 you got this!

@cleanwith_mrswilkie : Our twin girls are 9 months old and I found that keeping them on same sleep,eat and nap schedules helped so much if one woke up for a feed I would wake the other one up too and they will start to sync xxx

@seasaeger : It gets better with time. It will never be perfect and there is something so freeing about that. You do the best you can with each one at a time. and try waking up the other one to feed at the same time. That helped for 1-2 months in the beginning. Now at 5 months they are on their own rides

It took a bit of practice but I’ve figured out…

@noeleen.k.18 : It took a bit of practice but I’ve figured out how to lift them both and bounce them, it calms them instantly when the 3 of us are together. I also find double cuddles on the bed or the couch is great too

@j.crews11 : One thing that helped my twins not wake each other up in the middle of crying fits was a really good sound machine. The ones sound loud it sounds like you’re on an airplane! That has helped stop one twin from waking up the other. Sending you strength! Those first 8 weeks are really rough but it does get better!

@page_mama : First, I am so sorry you have to do this alone. I could not imagine having to care for my boys 100% by myself, it’s so sad to see all these mommas commenting that this was their reality 😔. I echo what others have said: keep them on the same schedule. Try to comfort one baby first and then move to the next, bouncing back and forth before one is happy will hlbe never-ending. Find support! There are lots of groups on Facebook and here that can get you local help!

They will eventually sleep longer and on different schedules….

@gabriellemirabella : I did it alone too and that is the worse part. They will eventually sleep longer and on different schedules but try to get them either eating at the same time or close to each other, that way you have longer windows of sleep time. I’m currently writing this while feeding one of my 5 month olds and the other is sleeping at my side because she refused to leave my bed during her last feed 😂

@keirakelleher : If they were both crying because they needed comfort, I would sometimes put my headphones in so it wasn’t too hard to listen too!! Then, I could go through the motions (hungry? Need a change? Cuddle?), without feeling like it was all becoming too much. One of mine was a particularly bad crier and this saved my sanity.

@loeflin : The worst part for me too. Now mine are 9 months. I would try to go back and forth. It’s hard and sad. Often I wouldn’t feel enough for both of them but I kept and will always tell myself “but they will always have eachother!” & it helps shift your mind and perspective. ♥️♥️♥️

@rhiannonquinton : I know this feeling too well, it is heartbreaking. I haven’t found a solution unfortunately but what I do know after 11 weeks with my twins is, they are both okay, and although one will always have to cry longer than we would like, they seem to forget all about it the moment they are picked up and/or get what they need. As long as they are safe, they are okay whilst they wait.

@amber.vipond : Swings?? Mine loved their swings. Hopefully when one was crying the other could be soothed by the swing. We had two swings and that’s where they took their best naps during the day. Hang in there!!

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