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Twin parents, we’ve got a fellow mom seeking your wisdom! 📣 Our supermom is juggling 18-month-old twins and 2-month-old twins, and the nighttime hours are turning into a wakeful marathon. 😴👶👶 Any advice or magic sleep hacks to share? Let’s rally together to help a tired twin mom catch those precious ZZZs! 💤👩‍👧‍👦

Share your nighttime expertise! How did you manage when your twins started waking up in the middle of the night? Any tips to help this tired mom get some much-needed sleep? 👇💤👶👶

Twin Mom Answer about Twins Sleep Hacks:

@jmuhhhhhveeee30 : Your doing great btw 🙌

@amymalonexx : No advice just here to cheer you on!! Can’t imagine having a 2nd set of young twins to worry about 😅

@hnawagner : Oh wow, this mom is brave. I invested in a 1-1 sleep consultant at 6 months, at 18months one twin sleeps 12h while the other still wakes every night 2am-ish and is hard to re-settle. No easy solution, check all environmental factors, check they are full. It maybe just a phaseof learning a new skill etc. And go in with a strategy, like wait 10 min. When go in check them for any leaks and discomfort, if nothing apparent then re-settle and give them another 10min to resettle, maybe repeat as often as needed

@jmuhhhhhveeee30 : White noise. Also try making there bed time a lil later hope this helps our twins are almost three and they still do this sometimes.

@slingingtwins : Firstly, well done for reaching out for help! I know that first step is always the hardest. I would look into the twins sleep schedule, have you joined Facebook groups? There’s some great advice on there. And I would look into getting a sleep consultant, because sleep for YOU is so so important for you to be the best version of yourself for your babies. I hope this phase passes quickly, and your eldest twins start sleeping through the night again. You got this mama!!!!

Chiropractic care .. and magnesium cream

@kruxmommy : Chiropractic care .. and magnesium cream

@laurathematchmaker : Read moms on call. The schedule in this book is life changing. I have two sets of twins and they sleep through the night at three months or earlier with this book and I’ve never had a problem but it’s a rigorous schedule to follow during the day.

Reply@lisakaycourtney : Is this a book or an instagram called Moms on call?

Reply@laurathematchmaker : @lisakaycourtney A Book called Moms on Call. Really phenomenal and helpful.

Co sleep?!:) & feed them to sleep

@miss_naaoomiii : Co sleep?!:) & feed them to sleep

Reply : @slingingtwins : @miss_naaoomiii I can imagine this being soo hard with the smaller twins also in the room though – potentially waking each other up throughout the night xx

@emilybearrow : I have 2 sets of twins as well! Fraternal girls (2 1/2) and identical boys (19 days old)!

For any and all sleep challenges, @tweetdreamzz is the absolute best!!! She’s also a twin mom so she understands the nuances of twin sleep. I can’t recommend her enough!!

Reply : @tweetdreamzz : @emilybearrow thank you Emily! Helping twin families with sleep is our true passion and joy!

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