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🌟 To All Twin Parents! 🌟

Double the joy, double the questions! 👶👶 Welcoming your twins is an incredible journey, but when it comes to sleep, it can be a puzzle. 😴

Our fellow twin mom here is looking for advice on “gentle sleep training” and some crib-sleeping magic. 💫 Her boys are already great sleepers, but one is crib-resistant! 🍼👶🏡

Share your wisdom and tips with this new twin mom! How did you navigate gentle twins sleep training with your duo, or what worked to ease crib transition woes? 🛏️✨

Let’s help her out by dropping your suggestions in the comments. Your experience could be the guiding star she needs! 🌠🤗

Don’t hesitate to join the conversation and share your insights. After all, we’re all in this twin mom journey together! ❤️👩‍👦‍👦

Twin Mom Answer for Twins Sleep Training:

@mrs.spife : Oh bless you! You’re still in the thick of it and your babies are learning how to be a person! Sending all the hugs your way. I can highly recommend babywearing if that’s possible for you. Have a look to see if there’s a sling library near you to get some advice about the best way to carry. Mine loved being in a stretchy wrap. It helps build a close bond so they’re less unsettwhen you put them down (just from personal experience!). It also gives you your hands back to get some washing up done, or help you carry both when they’re tiny 🥰 You’re doing amazingly. They do sleep eventually, I promise!!

@fatimasheikhani : My twins are 2 months old and I’m in the same boat as you. One of them is a better sleeper and falls asleep easily in his bassinet while the other one just wants to sleep if I’m holding him. Still trying to get him in the routine of sleeping with his brother 🤞

@k_nelson87 : It’s still early days,lots of practice in the bassinet/cot. Or place some of your clothing in before placing them in so they can still smell you (keeping an eye on them of course and removing it after for safe sleep-I used to stretch my worn vest top over the mattress for my singleton and twins xx

@craftingwithholly : Thank you for sharing! I never thought to try and put a piece of clothing near by to have my scent near him. I will definitely give that a try. So far they will sleep thru loud noises, each other crying even in the day time and it seems like when night time rolls around, my lil man just won’t settle down to sleep in his crib. So far today, he actually slept a solid 2 hrs in his bassinet I have in my living room! #yay I have faith it’ll get better with his crib but having them on separate feeding schedules makes it tough as well. Not sure if I can handle having them both on the same feeding schedule

@millennialmama__ : My twins are 2 months old and was in a similar situation! However just like everyone is saying just practice 🙂 Since one is a better sleeper let the other fuss around a little bit until they catch their sleep. I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and I know you will too. Good luck mama!

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