Even though we may enjoy playing them ourselves, many twins parents worry about the impact of computer games on their twin’s development. We fear that letting our twins play computer games for more than an hour or so per day will turn them into anti-social, obese couch potatoes. It would be better to have our twins read or to read child stories to them, we think. Yet, pc games are here to stay, so rather than fighting them, why not use them? This article shows you how you can let your twins play computer games yet still foster the development of their creativity. You can unleash your twins creative genius!
The issue that many parents of twins have with computer games is that, compared with reading a child story, they don’t require the use of a great deal of imagination. Here are 7 paths in which you can complement pc games to nurture the development of your twins creativity:

#1 Develop twins character profiles

Some computer games have characters. With the Harry Potter games these characters are already familiar and well-developed. With other games, Indeed, the figures may be more “superficial”.This is a perfect opportunity for your twins to develop the characters further. They can make up a profile for the figure, imagining who their family is, where they go to school, where they come from, how they feel, what hobbies they enjoy to do etc. family is, where they come from, where they go/went to school, what hobbies they like to do, how they feel, etc. Your toddler twins can then make sketches or drawings of the character and scenes from their life: past, present and future. Finally, your twins can create profiles of the other people in the character’s life: friends, family, pets, colleagues, droids, etc.

#2 Create twins storyboards

If you think about it, a lot of computer games are nothing more than interactive stories. So, your twins can create their own stories using the characters from their favorite computer games. Consider of this as an extension of the computer game. You could also pretend that you work for the pc game company and are creating a fresh version of the computer game.
There are several ways you can approach this depending upon you and your grownup twins’s preferences. You can write a scenario, create sort of a cartoon illustrations, create illustrated scenes only (pictures for example), or create images with an attached text.

#3 Write a twins diary

It could be interesting for your twins to get inside the head of some of the characters. Incidentally, this is also a good way to develop a twin’s empathy. Have your teenage twins write a diary as if they were one of the characters.

#4 Develop a virtual twins world

One of my sons has developed his own virtual world. He’s created specified maps, descriptions of all the creatures, plants, more than hundred in total, completely drawn. Lands in it, and a complete history of this imaginary universe. Your twins can create a virtual world that is either an extension from an existing computer game or something completely new.

#5 What’s cooking anyway?

If your twins like to cook, why not develop some special recipes of what people eat in the computer game’s virtual world? What’s your twins favorite food? What is your national dish? These “recipes” could be from real, edible foods or other non-edible materials (make sure your twins don’t eat the latter!).

#6 Get hands on

Some twins are kinesthetic learners; they learn by doing. If your twins are one of these, they can create 3D models from clay or papier mâché of the characters from a computer game. You can also make life-size models in your garden or your private backyard. For example, you can carve a figure from an old tree stump or log.

#7 Create your twins own computer game

In the area of computer games, what could be more creative than creating your own game? When your twinnis create a game, pc game companies are going through a process similar to most of the steps described here so you probably be able to make use of the results of your family fun work to create an actual computer game.
There are 100’s or 1,000’s of software tools you can use to create your own special games. However, unless you’re a “techie”, it’s probably more simple to use one that doesn’t require any programming or advanced pc skills.
Software tools like “The 3D Gamemaker” for example, let you to create games simply by pointing and clicking. The “3D Gamemaker” got a library of scenes, 3D objects and sounds that you can combine into your own games. Of course, this is a bit less creative then creating a game from scratch, but you can either scan in your own photos, import your personal 3D models and record your own private sound effects to create an original game.
The Multi-Choice Creation System (MuCeS) lets you make multichoice adventures in which the game player chooses one option out of a number of given options depending on what she thinks will be best for a given situation.
The above are only few examples of the possibilities. The point is that you don’t need to be a “rocket scientist” in order to create your own pc games. Imagine how excited your twin toddlers will be to make by themselves their own games. Playing computer games will never be the same again!


Some parents to twins regard computer games as an “unhealthy” influence on their twins, but when you combine computer games with some of the “offline” child story creation activities described here, you’ll not only unleash your twins creative genius, you’ll have a lot of fun doing it.
* Note: I have not (yet) used any of the software described here. The products mentioned are provided purely as examples.
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