How to Have Twins

You are probably asking yourself a lot of questions like what chances of having twins ? How to have twins ? having twins is genetic ? Is having twins hereditary ? Or maybe you are looking for symptoms for having twins ? Or you just want to know how does having twins work.

What chances of having twins

If you want to know how to have twins naturally. Here are factors that will increase your chances having twins:
1) Genes If your family have a history of having twins. Being yourself a twin. Having a partner who is a twin himself. If both parents have a family history of twins.
2) Science Undergoing fertility treatments such as IVF, in which a doctor places one to three embryos in the uterus.
3) Getting pregnant right after going off birth control pills.
4) Breastfeeding at the time you become pregnant.
5) Having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher.
6) Consuming meat or dairy on a regular basis.
7) Becoming pregnant when you’re over age 30.
8) Previously giving birth to twins.
9) Being African American.
10) Being 5’8″ or taller.
Twins are two people who have shared the same womb at the same period. They might also have come from the identical egg. Twin deliveries are becoming more and more common due to numerous influences such as growing use of fertility treatments, child childbirths at an older stage, and even genetic aspects. Women who are somewhat above-average in build are also expected to have baby twins or multiple births. Certain ethnic groups are also found to have a larger twin population. One in every 250 deliveries in the world could be an identical twin birth.

Monozygotic twins

Identical twins are likewise known as monozygotic twins. They are from a single egg that forms a single zygote that divides into 2 embryos. Two fetuses occur from the 2 embryos in the same womb. The precise motive for this splitting hasn’t been known yet. Occasionally, identical twins also share the same amniotic fluid, making them monoamniotic. Or else, they are diamniotic. Monochorionic are twins sharing the same placenta. Those who don’t are dichorionic. This occurs only in the situation of identical twins. All monoamniotic twins are also monochorionic.
This rest on the stage at which the zygote splits. Twinning at the primary stages would consequence in diamniotic and dichorionic twins. Twinning that happens 4-8 days after fertilization and 8-12 days after fertilization results in monochorionic diamniotic & monochorionic monoamniotic, respectively. Twinning 12 days post fertilization might effect in conjoined twins. Conjoined twins are attached to each other at some place. They may be more dependent on each other physically.
Meanwhile identical twins share the same sac, amniotic fluid & placenta, there could be some difficulties in pregnancy. These might be a cause of the entanglement of the umbilical cords or twin to twin transfusion syndrome because of the shared placenta. This may well cause one or both the newborn to be underdeveloped.

Identical twins

Are usually of the same gender. They have identical DNA and shared genes. They can be very similar to each other, nearly like reflect images. Some twins can be told apart merely by their calligraphy, prints, teeth or any other intricate observations. Though, they have separately diverse character and personalities behaviors. Twins are usually emotionally close to each other and are also thought to live longer because of this attachment.
Some persons even consider that identical twins have their private language through which only the 2 of them can connect. Some identical twins are also mirror twins, they are exact mirror images of one another. About ¼ of all identical twins are mirror twins. Occasionally, one mirror twin might have a condition where some or all the internal body organs will be on the opposite side of the body. Though, these are considered to be birth failings and are very rare.
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